Respawn is already preparing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor shotgun, which will fix bugs and improve optimization

As it became known from the reviews of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the game suffers from problems with performance on all platforms, but PC also uses too much video memory, does not load the video card properly and does not use all the cores of the processor.

Despite the fact that before Star Wars Jedi: Survivor there was a day, developers from Respawn Entertainment have already reported that patches with improvements were coming. In addition, of course, the patch of the first day, which will probably correct some problems found, future patches will correct bugs in the coming weeks after the release, improve optimization and add more accessibility options.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be released on April 28 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

And as usual, this could not be done before the release.
Sometimes I have the feeling that this tactic "Press later" chosen specifically. I really can’t understand why almost all studios do so constantly. You could see that shitty optimization at the start can drop the game ratings to the level of the skirting board (hello tlou on PC), but you continue to do it again and again. What is the pancake of the sacred meaning.

Time – money, the economy should be economical, the multi -platform is primarily hidden under the console typical iron, that’s the whole meaning. I’m not saying that it is good. But transfer – these are also tangible additional, or even not taken into account, damage to the reputation. Again, there would be where to shift, the windows of releases are now choosing ahead of time, competition is high. The exit in April guarantees, with a number of failures, the possibility of a second successful wave of sales with a discount is already at a summer sale or its strengthening.

The patches of the first day are riveted by the same analogy. Weeks 5-6 ago were sent to gold, but in order not to lose precious time they continued to improve the start build. Consonic sales guarantee most of the revenue, for everything else there is a shot pocket and a marketing department that will present possible failures in a profitable light. The laudatory video is probably already closing.

The point is that the studios do not need to spend on testers, they are played by the players themselves, but for now they buy games in raw form, it will continue.

In V, pre -orders take all kinds of. That’s right, what for is spent on the testers – PIPLS SHOW, and if not, the gamers themselves will fix the jambs))))

Because the money is brought by the game business not those who love the games and plays them like a hobby, but those who play spontaneously, clean 1-2 hours at leisure and they do not sit and do not read the news about the game and all that, just like they do not read News about the gaming industry in general, and not such mega sophisticated people like us, because they can have passed 1-2 games in their entire lives, but they just played the rest, and they, I don’t think that they are watching there, which games were released without optimization and All that, bought the game, played 5 hours and abandoned, according to this, the games are advertised not only at specialized sites, but wherever possible, in the hope of attracting just such a spontaneous buyer and they are kept by Call of Duty, therefore in the United States From each gateway advertising it. Well, usually the games are also arcadit for such spontaneous buyers that I would not have to understand it for a long time.

Casuals are also gamers. And also watching games. I’m silent about the fact that an ordinary person of the street will not buy a prefix or a computer above the average price to play these games.

As usual, no game can be taken immediately after the release.

Another game with a patch after release. Apparently they are already specially done due to the risk of hacking denuvo.

I understand the paid beta version of the game, someday we will finish.

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The release of 4x strategies Age of Wonders 4 took place

Age of Wonders 4 by Triumph Studios and Paradox became available in digital stores on PC. According to the interesting tradition of marketers, a release trailer for a global 4x strategy was released a few days ago.

Age of Wonders 4 is a strategic game whose action takes place in a world inspired by traditional fantasy. The starting point for events is the awakening of the kings of the columns, which drive their plan to become deities. Here we play the role of one of them. Our task is to win the worlds of the Astral Sea, using magic and more traditional means.

We play this

I have been playing for 10 hours. Never flew out. Yes, very great variability in creating a hero and race. Yes very nice. There are a lot of improvements compared to 3 part, especially in the interface plan. Yes, as they wrote here in the review, the Map of Pustovat, even with Percu "world of Wonders" Then there is, the map is full of all craps, but basically it is nodes of bonus resources, piles of these very resources, and mobs that protect them. And different interesting buildings with unique bonuses come across really rarely. No option "Start from scratch", that is, you won’t choose where to put the city, they are all already built, and a lot of roads have already been laid. Maybe someone important. The camera in a battle twitches unpleasantly, and the option that should turn it off in theory does not work.

In general, I really like it, not 10 \ 10, but very interesting.

how are you "a game" ? According to the reviews of Steam there apparently "funny" : D

Those. The state of the game at the level of the modern trend is widespread frizes, for many it flies out.

Also played. In general, approx. There were no bugs. There were frizes on the leader’s screen, dropped up to 5, after the window closes, everything is ok. And after 6 hours the game flew out, for step by step, it’s not scary absolutely, but not pleasant. Gamlepino in general is the same 3rd, you are still not so rich (content) as in the 2nd.

what does it mean – 4x strategy?

4x – the genre of computer and board games in which the gameplay is built according to the 4x model (English. Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) – “Study, Expand, operate, destroy”. In the games of this genre, the player at the beginning has modest resources for development, and is looking for ways to expand on the world’s provided map, operating the found resources and developing technologically, builds a large and effective “empire”

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Marvel’s Spider-Man fans want to see a prequel according to the type of Arkham Origins

Although the PlayStation Showcase not so long ago pleased everyone, she showed that PlayStation has a strong trump card with the game Spider-Man 2. But some fans want to go not forward, but back on a time scale.

Ironsmashweb expressed a proposal about the spider-man prequel on Reddit, even inventing the PS5 game cover for the game. It depicts the heroes that you meet in the first game about Spididi, as well as some others, including mysterio. The fan of Spider-Man offers that the prequel is similar in scale to Arkham Origins, the prequel, which was launched between City and Knight in the famous Arkham trilogy.

It is assumed that the game will fill, a probable, significant gap between Spider-Man 2 and 3, if there is 3 at all. Like Miles Morales, the game about the first steps of Peter Parker from Insomniac will be slightly smaller and will use the same card, but this will lightly facilitate the expectation of a new big game.

You take on the role of a young Peter who is trying to get comfortable with his new abilities. Although some players believe that this can be a little boring, they offer that Peter ends with a fluid for the web, because he does not have time to understand some scientific foundations, and so that the blows that usually cut down the villains were not so strong.

Rocksteady did not develop Origins for the Arkham trilogy – another feature of the game, which some fans suggest repeating for a potential prequel of Spider -Man. Perhaps this is a difficult task for the studio that will take up it, but this is a chance for one of the other developers under the PlayStation umbrella to do something special while Insomniac will focus on the next flagship play about Spider-Man, not to mention Wolverine.

Although PlayStation and Insomniac probably already have an idea of ​​where the series of games about Spider-Man will move further, all the attention is still focused on the sequel, which will be released in the fall of this year.

Popular Japanese YouTubesh Kson will play one of the roles in Like A Dragon 8

Today, during a direct broadcast from Tokyo, SEGA announced the winner of the Grand Prix of listening to the role in the upcoming game Like a Dragon 8.

Kson became the winner selected from the five finalists who were presented a month ago. Which many can know as the popular YouTuber and Vtuber (virtual YouTuber) associated with the VSHOJO agency. Her Kson Onair channel has 1.25 million subscribers.

As a result, she received a prize in Like A Dragon 8 will take part in Utubesh and Vitubesh Kson, winner of the Grand Prix of listening

As a result, she received a prize of 1 million yen (about 570,000 rubles at the current rate) and, more importantly, she will play an important role in the upcoming main game. During the press conference, the chief producer Hiroyuki Sakamoto spoke more about her role. The game has a place where the main characters and their friends gather, and Kson will play the role "Madonna" this place.

After the announcement, Kson was noticeably touched, she expressed her surprise and joy, mentioning that she would do everything in her power, but at the same time, as I see, she hardly spoke through tears and giggling. Given that she is known as a big fan of the series, such a reaction is not amazing. Later, during the broadcast, she even greeted her Western fans in English: "I did it guys! Thank you!" Kson speaks two languages, which helped her increase popularity among the English -speaking audience.

By the way, Kson and other finalists will play small roles in the game Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, which will be released this year, as a hostess of the Cabree Club. The role of Kson in Like A Dragon 8 will be more significant, and it will have a full-fledged 3D model with its voice

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name will be released at the end of this year for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. She marks the return of the protagonist of Cadzuma Kiryu and tells about the events between Yakuza 6: The Song of Life and Like a Dragon 8, in which Kiryu will share the role of the protagonist with Ichiban Kasuga and will be released in 2024 for PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

Alaskan Road Truckers will be available for playing Gamescom 2023. A new gameplay trailer is represented

Green Man Gaming, Movie Games S.A and Road Studio reported that Alaskan Road Truckers will be available for the game during Gamescom 2023. The teams also prepared a new gameplay trailer.

Alaskan Road Truckers is more than just a simulator. You do not just control the truck, you play for the trucker, focusing on life both inside and outside your car. Delive up goods, build a successful business and leave your truck to explore Alaska, keeping your car and preparing for insidious conditions on the road.

Alaskan Road Truckers will be released on the PC platforms, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 in the fall of 2023.

The picture with the sound is applicable to this "Simulator"

The video gives an idea that there will be something between ATS and Snowrunner, which is undoubtedly pleasing, but judging by the picture – the graphics clearly does not meet the minimum requirements. We will wait and see. I’ll take it with a release, I hope the inconspes do not pump up.

This is what is missing in \ s 2

The game looks cool. This is what I understand the real trucker simulator, and not garbage like ETS2. I’m really looking forward to. In some centuries, a normal game in the genre will appear. Since the time of the legendary truckers 2, in fact, there was almost nothing in the genre. I would like to believe that the developments of Alaskan Road Truckers will succeed. I finally want a normal game about truckers!

In ETS, the count is better than lol

What did you see there to make such a confident conclusion that it is like a real trucker simulator and the rest go forest.The fact that the Persian can now be controlled and get out of the car, performing different actions of chtoli.

Truckers 2 In essence, the genre is not a simulator, but the races. The goal is to come before a competitor. But instead of tuned honda or supercar for hundreds of thousands – a truck with a trailer. This is what truckers are 2. What does this game have to do with simulators? Or a maza tracker you will also call a trucker simulator? There, too, there are trucks!
And this Alaskan Road Truckers is not such a trucker simulator as a survivor simulator.
Of the last suitable simulators is ETS2, ATS and Snowranner. And all!
There used to be a game of 18 steel wheels where actions took place in Alaska. There it was possible to drive the car under the ice, crossing the river. But in the hard trick, the goal was not to survive in the middle of Alaska, running around the truck and digging it, and not to run away from the wolves, but to take the load from point A to point B, with some "accidents" on the road. Everything is exactly the contrary here. Well, the transportation of cargo is just a given. With what it is necessary to start the surviv. In some games, the beginning is the fall of the aircraft, in others the Apocalypse of the Zombie, here is a truck traveling through snowdrifts.

Baldur’s Gate 3 scriptwriters drew inspiration in Jason Born when creating a shadouhart

Shadouhart from Baldur’s Gate 3, perhaps one of the most popular game heroines of this year. In any case, a novel is spinning with her, which means that she clearly has a lot of fans. As you know the character, the servant of the evil goddess the ball won the players with her wit and charm more and more, and therefore it is not surprising that questions from Larian are about how they approached its creation.

As it turned out, Larian was inspired by a very unexpected source. In an interview with IGN, the head of Larian, Sven Vinka admitted that Shadouhart was created for the party as Jason Born, due to her memory loss. According to Vinka, since then her role has expanded, but it was like that originally seemed to be embodied in life.

Initially, the idea was that you get acquainted with party members who have absolutely no reason to trust you, but do not have any reason not to trust you. We overdid it a little with this, ”says Vinka. So we reassured her a little. Her injury and closing the shar have always been the main.

At first we wanted her to be. Then everything changed a little. At first she looked like Jason Borne, we had the original idea.

According to Vinka, the heroine "evolved", But all the same, it is very unexpected to hear that Larian drew inspiration from the franchise about Born. And if you missed an early access to Baldur’s Gate 3, then our favorite cleric-Goth has changed a lot from the moment of its first appearance. Shedouhart at the time of the start of early access was much more unpleasant and clearly not eager to make friends, regardless of your general difficult situation. This was changed while early access was still updated, which made it much more friendly, as soon as you saved it from the cage at the beginning of the game.

However, this does not mean that she is an open book. Like Jason Bourne, she is difficult to experience the loss of memory and literally cannot share many details of her life with the player. But even in this case, she is unlikely to rush to give out those memories that are available to her, first of all her service ball.

However, Larian believes that they managed to find the right balance, making it at the beginning of the trip simply not very gullible.

The developers of the ambitious action in the open world of Bionicle: Masks of Power told about the plans for 2024

The very first sets of the famous Bionicle action series from the Danish company Lego appeared in early 2001. Throughout the zero, the brand actively advanced and conquered the hearts of the mass audience, but in recent years nothing worthy of the universe has come out. Creative team Team Kanohi, responsible for creating a game Bionicle: Masks of Power, I decided to correct the situation.

At the moment, final work is underway on the latest strokes for the demo version of the action in the open world (a trailer with a musical composition AS ABOVE, So BELOW from the Danish rock band Cryoshell). Launching is planned at the beginning of this year. There are no exact deadlines yet, but it is known that every month before the release of the demonstration version Team Kanohi will give the opportunity to listen to musical compositions that will be included in the project.

Bionicle: Masks of Power – Adventure game in the open world. You have to go in search of masks of power in order to save the inhabitants of the island of Mata Nui from the impending danger in the face of the ancient forces of darkness.

I will also tell about plans, in the summer I want to go to the sea.

I remember collecting chips in chips))

Almost all sets were (those that are 6 pieces).

Unless there were no big boxes.

In my opinion, the most batty are furrays and barraki.

As far as I remember, there were still raksha (I even had one, green), after the ships came out. Raksha lit up in the first full -length cartoon, and there was a mention there.

I remember once I played in a horned shotgun from the 3rd person about bio -ikles. Something like a metroid in 3D, I liked it. I will look for the one to replay, and I will add this one to the desired

The fig is remembered.

There are no makuts on you, Herod

Bakugan in his ass)

For the young, I think there will be norms, my son liked it, but as for me some kind

Wow, first learned about this game. I remember in my childhood I played some about bio-waters. It is interesting to see what will be done here.

On this occasion, I propose to recall what came out on this franchise earlier, among the Games on the PC and multiplication:

PC games:
Bionicle: The Game 01.09.2003, this game was made based on the cartoon that came out a little later in the same year;
Bionicle Heroes 16.eleven.2006, this game was unsuccessfully made, it failed, so that she inflicted a serious blow to the Bionicle brand itself, as a result, it affected the sale of Lego Bionicle toys sets and the brand’s popularity went downward, for a full heap, maybe what else the company had some problems LEGO with Bionicle toys, otherwise why the popularity of this brand has chopped up so quickly?! I myself went through this game, you can say, at that time I had not yet formed a gaming taste and I was not obvious to the problems of this game.

Bio -ikl: Bionicle: Mask of Light, 15.09.2003), in the first this cartoon looked at VHS, in his school years;
Bio -kel 2: Legend of the Meter-Nui (Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui, 19.10.2004);
Bio -kel 3: In the Pautin of Shadows (Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows, 11.10.2005);
Bio -Chronicles: Legend is reborn (Bionicle: The Legend Reborn, 15.09.2009);
Lego Binikl: Journey to the One (Lego Bionicle: The Journey to One, 04.03.2016), the mini-multserial was shot to promote an attempt to restart a series of toys in bionicill in 2015.

>We can say a shed, at that time I had not yet formed a gaming taste and I was not obvious to the problems of this game.

Starfield players have not formed a gaming taste?

That is, most players play games because they are stupid and do not understand that there are bugs and glitches in the game and do not understand that they can hardly play this game)

Hope for a bright tomorrow (future), no one canceled, not in vain they say: hope dies the last! (=^_^=)

P.S. I forgot to immediately add, you should not confuse when the child plays (as well as a teenager), he is ready to shit anything in the day (the personality is only formed) and when an adult is already playing (a fully formed personality), these are still different situations.

The story of a series of toys Bionicle from SNDK, from creating a brief retelling of Laura of this universe:

Krut probably the story will be after the part as TOA meters left a meter of NUI and went to the mat, and indicated the path to the new TOA, after which the story of the mask began

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According to the developer, it was thanks to the perseverance of CDPR that Cyberpunk 2077 was achieved by the revival

One of the key developers of Cyberpunk 2077 expressed gratitude to the community after the success of updating 2.0 and Phantom Liberty, adding that the CD Projekt Red team proved that you can change the perception and return trust after an unsuccessful launch.

In the new interview with TENEONARCADE, the chief director of the Cyberpunk 2077 quests from CD Projekt Red Pavel Sasco told how Cyberpunk returned from the edge of the abyss after 2020, and thanks the players for supporting the CDPR team and for the fact that they returned, as well as for the fact that They were able to give Phantom Liberty an honest assessment.

Look at how Cyberpunk is now accepted, how it has changed. Look at the reviews, look at the video, at the discussion around the game. The fact that you guys return to the game, play it again and enjoy it. I feel incredible gratitude. After the release of Cyberpunk 2077 it was hard, heartbreaking, but we continued to work.

Further, Sasco says that ""Renseriality" fans and their honest critical reviews were incredibly valuable".

It helped us a lot. We have reached the point when we can be proud of this. I am so glad that we continued to move forward, fueled by the passion of part of the community at the beginning, and then gradually gaining more and more patches.

After entering the new platforms, a crossover with the Cyberpunk Edgerunners anime from Netflix and the rest that preceded the output 2.0 and Phantom Liberty, Cyberpunk 2077 have undergone many changes.

This did not go unnoticed by Sasco, who admits that the CD Projekt Red has done a huge job over these three years, emphasizing, thereby how to change the perception of the game if you listen to the community’s opinion and take up the work.

This is not only our achievement, but also other developers. It’s a sign "Yes, you can do it", How was it with Halo and No Man’s Sky games. They showed that it is possible. In a sense, in case of failure, the only thing that matters is how they will remember you after. Can you just get up and continue? We continued, and we did it, and I, frankly, is very proud of this team and community.

It is no secret about how Cyberpunk was revived: after an incredibly unsuccessful launch, accompanied by technical problems on all platforms in 2020, the team needed years of planning and updates to return many players.So to speak, the redeeming arch of the long -long three years.

Grand Theft Auto 4 players celebrate the 15th anniversary, sharing stories and screenshots

15 years ago today Rockstar Games has captured the game world by releasing Grand Theft Auto IV for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Now, all these years later, players share their love for the game, publishing screenshots, stories and sincere memories in honor of the fifteenth anniversary.

Released on April 29, 2008, Grand Theft Auto IV returned players in Liberty City through the prism of Niko Bellik, a former soldier from Eastern Europe, who moved to the USA to avoid his criminal past. This was the first part "Universe HD" Grand Theft Auto, which now includes two spin-offs, The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned, as well as Chinatown Wars, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto: Online.

Depending on who you are saying, Grand Theft Auto IV is often considered one of the greatest games in the entire GTA series. Even 15 years later, fans are still playing, reviewing and simply admired how well the game has withstood the test of time.

One of the users Reddit shared the sabredite of the games by several intra-game screenshots from Grand Theft Auto IV and the subsequent spin-off of The Ballad of Gay Tony.

While the other simply wrote: "With the 15th birthday, one of the greatest games in history, Grand Theft Auto IV".

One of the users shared the story of how Grand Theft Auto IV was the first game that he pretended.

The first game that I have ever preceded. Mom took me for a midnight release, some guy gave me Xbox360. And although the next day I had testing at school, I did not go to save me to play the game for an hour. Until now, years later, this is my best birthday.

Another fan called Grand Theft Auto IV "the most deeply incredible game", which he ever played. And the other even explained why he considers the game revolutionary for that time:

GTA 4 was as revolutionary for games with the open world in 2008, like GTA 3 in 2001. The transition from San Andreas to 4 was huge from the point of view of the interactivity of the map and how alive the world of Liberty City seemed alive, and then they released 2 DLC packages, which were also good. Despite its shortcomings, this is a classic Rockstar.

Many commentators agreed that Grand Theft Auto IV still withstand the test of time and is an excellent game even today. However, many were shocked by how old the game turned out to be, and one of the users said that "can not believe at all", that Grand Theft Auto IV is already fifteen years old.

Some hoped that Grand Theft Auto IV would be released to the anniversary "Definitive Edition". But after the unsuccessful release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is poorly believed that Rockstar Games will want to go along this way again.

He rummaged and found his face) the truth is one disk flew off, but the key was activated without problems.

What is really XP installed ?

I just have 2 systems with one with Windows XP and Windows 10 and the second modern iron on Windows 10.

On XP simple iron, Fufix 8350, RAM 16 GB DDR3 (XP sees only 3.46 GB) and the GTX 780TI 3GB video card, I will change the vidyuhu on the GTX 980TI because the craftsmen found a way to run 970-980 of the Windows XP by editing the driver. Although the latest version of the Driver on XP was version 368.81

It is not necessary to write about this. a dozen does not require modern iron, unlike the 11th axis and then according to the TPM 2 protection module.0

Until now, the best in the series

Agree! In principle, all GTA is good, but specifically the fourth is the adult and serious, or something. Plus, the scale is amazing.

P.S. Jacob is the most frenzied character in the whole game)

Gorgeous game! I really like car physics here. It is a pity that in 5 parts the physics was a little simplified. IV part recently repaired. I enjoyed trips around the city by different transport 🙂

Some hoped that Grand Theft Auto IV would be released to the anniversary "Definitive Edition". But after the unsuccessful release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is poorly believed that Rockstar Games will want to go along this way again.

It was just necessary to develop the forces of their own studios, and not to outsource to the guys who only engaged in porting. Yes, and GTA 4 is a full remake: with a change in gameplay mechanics, adding new content. There is absolutely no sense in the remaster, since the graphics and animations are perfectly preserved.

Yeah, especially the graphics, which compared with the five faded

I agree, but I would like to tighten the textures, I can redo some things at all (for example, a mobile phone), the animation animations, improve the drawing range, otherwise small items appear in two meters, and the microfrisis is still not cured.

Normal graphics, especially for its years, the five and later came out in the 5-hazardous sunny weather, and in 4 at least another time of the year and the graphics are suitable for this time, although the textures can be slightly tightened

The norm there is a graph, I play the ultras) Yes, there are micro moments in the graphics, they were even on the average settings when I played on the old system .Apparently optimization is very strongly lame .But with traffic there is trouble and sadness, you put on full traffic, fun begins there . The best option is to put half the traffic .

The entire game is covered with Sepia, for 2023 the graphics are outdated

I was 20, I bought a new computer on my blood and saw GTA4 on a shelf, we did not have an Internet in the village, so I almost drowned, TC did not know what was after SA part. How much I spent behind her. I remember the first impressions when I flew out the car window))))))

And then I studied in the sharaga and bought a pirate so they also faded when Nie was getting drunk and how funny they stood with a novel on their feet

Feel like an oldist. "Why eat cabbage if there is a potato?" Yayayaya-BDA-BDEEEE. I am in Soviet times ooooo. and I am in the console time ooooo

I have already passed all GTA 4 on x360. I had times, played for pleasure

This is one of the few games that took place several times. The actually standing game was for its time

Oh yes, I remember these beautiful hours spent on this game. Once I decided to strip a club to go and order a girl. And at the same moment, an unauthorized assault consisting of my relatives was arranged in my room.

The best in his series. And probably, it will remain forever.

I remember how in the 9th grade, we walked home with a friend and went to the store with disks to let down the saliva on the way. Saw a pirate disc with GTA IV. Naturally, there was no money. And about the fact that the new GTA had no idea came out. I ran to all pairs to my grandmother, ask for money. We ran to the store with money (with a friend, not with granny) and I bought a disk. With shaking hands, he inserted into the drive and began to install. The installation took all night. And the game did not go, because my Windows XP was SP2, and the game required SP3. Of course, at that age we did not understand what Windows updates are. And they referred to the fact that it was not an ancient computer, but the disc is fired. Changed in the store for another copy. The result is the same problem. But then, bring a friend of the hacker. He put Service Pack 3 from his disk and the game went. My house gathered in my house 12. I shared the first launch with such a company) and began to play under the exclamations of friends. This is not to convey in words. But now I remember, on the night before the exam, I completed the plot.
Golden times.

What can you tell here.
Well, for starters, the soundtrack in the very start of the game and download – masterpiece. Further, you can only list what it is only worth putting on the GG into a tracksuit and clench from the cops under the Tsoi or the uploaded "Bi -2 – no one writes to the colonel"

I met a game in 2008. Relatives gave the first computer, and on the computer. The table lay a pair of discs of which was GTA IV, the same version with a drunken camera and cars with a stalled engine) low settings – soap, but stable 60 FPS.

Further, already at the end of the era of the fourth part, they presented a license disk. Then the network game reluctantly lived, playing was still fun)

I remember how I downloaded a bunch of patches to GTA 4 on PG for a long time. The patches were different – some had to be installed sequentially and cumulative.

And here I am GTA 4 download

Ha, and I have always been downloaded)

This is Stemovskaya?! She’s cut there.

What is it cut? Gfwl was cut, cleaned online. Who needs him in GTA 5 people go.

There is any version in Steam, with any patches and radio stations. You just need to put Dawngraid Patcher.

As I remember now, that I was working on in the summer and spent everything accumulated on PS3 and on a disk with a game in 2008-2009 (the computer was at the level of potatoes, and that it was better to find out on the Xbox360).
It was a brain removal and eager for the fact that it was a real pancake of non -stagen. Animation Euphoria, all sorts of little things in the game, a detailed city, a serious plot, etc.D. Unfortunately, the five did not pass such a test for me and was an evolution, not a revolution.
Now, after a thousand of a watch, I have a couple of assemblies with the most necessary mods, but for some reason there is no desire to play with ENB. In 4K-5k goes well enough (if you still put DXVK).I launched even in 10k for the sake of jokes and if not for the textures, then no remasters need.
Who wants to play now and not to install much, put it: put it:
Download patch with a fresh version of Steam up to
Fusion Fix (or Zolika Patch)
And for Visualiv or Sweet Autumn visual.
As a result, you will receive a good enough expire with a minimum of the spent forces.
We will not see a remister or remake in the near future. I think if they would do it an update the game on Rage, but they did not allow left -wing people such as crooked Grove Street Games to this engine.

Here, the person made a cool selection. What do you think?

Good selection, there is just what I said. You can add here from Visualiv in the Bonuses mod on More Peds and Cars, install Realsitic Driving and Flying, Cge Shadow Fix, Project Birds, Liberty Rush and HD Metallic Car Paint and get good assembly.
Further it will be possible to taste scripts.
He tested these mods on patches – works well.

There is one point in this assembly.

What to do with the file "scripts"? It has no expansion and does not allow you to create a folder with the same name.

And why should you use exactly 0.7th version?

Honestly, this assembly did not download this xs, but these are most likely scripts that need to be placed in the Scripts folder in the game directory (there should be files with NET extension.DLL), and files with .ASI scripts in the folder itself with the game where an exoshnik but you need ASI Loader.
From personal experience,.0.7.0 or, but usually I have everything worked, I and put it. For ENB mods, as a rule, in general, patch is needed (there were many suitable ENB on it at one time).

I was just surprised when I could not create a Scripts folder, due to the presence of a file with a similar name.

In general, thanks for the help, more or less became clear.

The first game that forced to change the system and demanded 3 accounts (MC+XB+SC) and a disk disk, after the purchase I was able to play only for 4 days, after 3 days of suffering. At the exit there was a very poor optimization of 15-20 FPS, but this did not interfere with enjoying the game, later and the optimization was corrected. At that time there was a computer with an Intel Pentium processor with one core and two flows for 3.6 GHz, DDR operational 2 on 2 gigs, and Vidyuha Nvidia 8600 GT for 512 megabytes, at time was time. The last normal patch for the English -language version of the game was released with the release of additions, everything that came out later – spoiled the game.

Yeah, time is mercilessly running. I still remember how I bought a disk, a long installation, then I remember that the game was not preserved, I read on the Internet that you need to create an autonomous profile in the Games for Windows Live app, then attempts to roll patches, patches were put, but fresh grunts on the pirate were more often with "drunk camera. Attempts to somehow improve the optimization of the game.
I have not played for a long time, I should go again, besides, maybe on another PC game will work better. And the episodes generally passed by me.

Good game. At one time after San Andreas, he spat, but recruiting in 2020 he realized that the game was wonderful. Especially now when you see GTA Online.

Oh, these brown tones in all games of those years. Something was even in this.

What is the cada there remaster.

On consoles it was better optimized than on a PC)

If only on Xbox 360, on PS3 soap and resolution below 720p

Physics of machines is many times better than in 5-ke

The best part of GTA.

Then this is how GTA can be described each part)

Immediately visible – did not play.

Che, fan of San Andreas?! You can immediately see you per kilometer)

Firstly, this person completely edited his comment, and the meaning there was completely different, and secondly, where do you come from with your stupid conclusions from the ceiling?

Firstly, what he did there on the drum there, I will not comment on it, but you,
Secondly, the fanatics of San Andreas do not recognize the rest .Well, if you look at posts in the form that are now, then you seem to deny that the best part.

I love this part because of my straightforwardness. We are shown close to the whole world of criminal, namely the fact that Happy Enda will not be after contact with crime. If in the past parts, we obviously won and became essentially the master of the state, then here you are in any case lose your loved one and sacrifice to many. True, GTA 4 has two main disadvantages for me: 1st – Perekalova was not open enough to be the main villain. He appears only in a few missions or by phone, and shows the functions of the chapter only in the end of the transaction, there he was revealed in full
2nd-the ending of revenge does not make sense due to Kate. For some reason, they kill her, although in fact she does not need despite the words of Nico and his attachment to her, she is not even our girlfriend, but a maximum best friend.

In any case, I love GTA 4 and every year I pass it with episodes. I hope GTA 6 will also have many adult moments in the plot

Standing series !Not long ago again began to go through a new one, there is such that it catches in it .Below and so much wrote, and I agree with them .I like it more in the fourth this is the physics of cars!When the fifth began to play in the first, for me there was a shock, as they cut the physics of cars .In general, the four turned out to be standing, despite her nuances .

Eh what is all the same who is awesome by his atmosphere and elaboration, especially released after some 4 years and what a breakthrough was hellish, in the schedule, physics after San Andreas, and the atmosphere is what a pancake wooh. Alas, the game became history, and America presented in the game at that time left. Crises, Svmisis of the agenda and others, killed nafig. At that time, I directly dreamed of giving a walk along New York, feel the atmosphere. Now there is no mention of such. I write not from what is better or worse somewhere, but I just share my sad moment of thought and memory.

Also, at one time, he succumbed to the spirit of the manufacturing of the game and the new at that time Xbox360 and PS3.
And as a result, when he himself played was disappointed that the missions are boring and for such a detailed city there are so few shops and activities outside the missions. The game is very languidly uses the potential of the engine.

The same part with which I was fucked up by physics and damage to the machines (from the 5th I also fucked up, but on the contrary, what poppy it turned out with wooden cars).
The plot in GTA IV reminded something of the mafia that only added a plus to a common piggy bank of the game.
The best part in the series in my opinion, it has just been a pity for the crookedness of the developers a little overshadowed the impressions of the port, however, those problems that the players experienced then with GTA IV will not be compared with the current games of the games and their problems at the start.

Thanks to this game for childhood, thanks to Rockstar North

-"Keni! Keni! Luke that garage. "

-"Oh, b *** b, everything is gone, fire, b **** b, everything went to ***!"

Wool gut, sorry when porting on the bakery have been diverted with optimizon, since right now it is much better played.

Gorgeous game! I really like car physics here.
It is a pity that in 5 parts physics was simplified to boredom and yawning..
Recently re -re -recused and passed from start to final.
Enjoyed trips around the city by different transport. 🙂

I remember the day of the first purchase of a pirate disk, as if it were yesterday. Then there was another one, and yet, because of the new fashion cursors that I downloaded from the gambling, the installation broke, turning off the unpacking when hovering, then this same installation freezed. Everything thought that the problem was just with the discs themselves, but in no case that there was no SP 3, and there was a cut Nvidia GeForce 7300, which by default could no longer export such a non -export. I remember how Vidyakha was updated, I came to visit, and we waited all day while this shit was installed, and it was installed only when it was time to go home, and I played from the strength of 2 minutes 2. Then buying a new Vidyakha in a couple of years..Oh, what a fool I was, hoping that the problem was only in Vidaha, but I already managed to play with the roads that were not loading, ritting with the frizes of my cousin Roman (in the pirate he was a Catholic, and I caught a pair of lulz with the signs) under the incendiary) Track Ruslana. After a couple of years in my life, after active work in the summer, I prompting my computer, but as it turned out later, a couple of years ago. Games from the exit of GTA IV went evenly, but now the new ones at that time on medium and some creaks, but went. I downloaded a steep turnip with a rutor with a tablet from the raisor, and entered the game whole..God, it was fine..I am writing, and tears are welling. I went through it all. The game left a lot of impressions. After it, I began to be interested in conflicts in the Balkans, the collapse of Yugoslavia (and they also say that Igor-Glorokha!!eleven!!1. ), I remember even at school I prepared reports on this topic, and all thanks to a cool plot that is spinning around the mental torment of Nico, based on PTSR, describing the scenes of war from his words. On my not -strong spiritual way, at the very end of Pubertat, there was a difficult story of a man who wanted to find peace of mind, and even having committed revenge, he did not acquire either his or a new meaning of life, but secured this state of loss in the world where he could and could and The horizon for the protagonist began to appear, in an attempt to start a new life after cleansing the past, the loss of a person close to him. Even then, being in such a young and tender, according to adults, it was difficult to make a decision about the fate of Plaiboy and Dwayne, and how to correctly decide the fate of Darko Brevich, for the sake of revenge, our hero has done such a long way. Depending on the final credits, you feel devastated. 15 years have passed, a fifth part was released, news about the sixth, but the atmosphere of gloomy, faded because of the flower man, a city specially adjusted for the non-ethnic plot, and a very, very adult plot without any friction, where black humor with shares of local moronism pro "White bears and pope of the Roman, merging in the forest", It has the form of black humor with such an incredible share of cynicism, the futility of being, where the graphic component at the time of exit, to this day, is innovative, and for modern games, also exemplary, to some extent, it can be said with confidence that The game is far determined by its time, and for a dozen years it still has a handicap, to remain the best game in the Great Auto series to steal.
Verdict: eleven Balabanov’s film adaptation of Balabanov about a brother from Serbia to America from 10
Dobro došao kuageri, niko
P.S. Thanks to everyone who reads, I tried

But we are the same time.

How I love this part

I have been playing for a couple of weeks.

Fatger repack with volcano and bug correction. Pure pleasure. (Maybe I got something with the settings, or maybe something else, but it happens that I will start a mission and there is a departure. Restart and all the norms. But..)

The artist showed a fragment of how the continuation of CRPG Arcanum could look like

Digital artist Alexander Berezin, aka Saur X, has repeatedly pleased us with his video concepts of how the original Fallout from the first person could look (the latter was especially amazing).

And a few hours ago he shared the concept of continuing the no less cult CRPG Arcanum: of SteamWorks & Magick Obscura from Troika Games. But this time he did not rethink the camera, preserving isometric.

I would like a remake/remaster with such graphics?

I would like. Yes, only he will never be released in normal condition. The game has a full of racism, sexism, chauvinism and other things, dear to the heart of a normal person who will certainly be cut out for the sake of a polite of the agenda.

(Seriously, here the stats are different depending on the floor, and the female character will be sent for the nah*r when trying to enter the men’s club or offer to become a prostitute.)

As if born yesterday. In any respecting game that is not afraid to insult anyone should be like that.

Must. But for some reason there is no.

such developers who are able to make a large -scale – there is no. The West is impregnated with the agenda, the Japanese in development stopped in the 90s, and the Guki and the brothers smaller Hindus in the gaming yet do not know how to. Englishs are not yet up to the development of games, for the atomic Hart, a low bow, but on this sobsno everything

There are also Cypriots. While they have shouted for the hill, but if PF develops PF from large Paizo pussy and meta to normal English stools – MB will work out something.

These qualities make the game realistic, because real people are surprisingly full of all this. Well, you understand

Arkanum shows an incredible world where magic competes with technology. The graphics in it occupied almost the last place, overlapping an incredible atmosphere and an excellent study. That the author did not understand this, says only about the need to go through it again, more thoughtfully. The best fan multiverse is Edien, configured for modern systems devoid of bugs, and supplemented by improved voice acting

I didn’t understand about the voice acting. She is unique there – it is made strictly on a certain form of musical instruments. What is there to improve?

Owner is dialogs in videos, although the music is also slightly improved if you manage to notice the difference. Here are part of the changes:

Video re -sounded. – Compared to the version of the voice acting of Fargus, other actors are involved in ours, the original background path is used and one of the rollers missed by Fargus is additionally voiced.

Integrated Lossless music. – The tracks of Lossless quality were personally handed over to us by the composer Ben Khugh, so there is no doubt as these tracks. Perhaps the owners of integrated sound cards and standard speakers will not appreciate our efforts, but we hope that everyone else will appeal.

Replaced some sound files. – A trimmed embosses from the release version is replaced by a more complete from beta version.

It is better to start with the original, not Vasyan-fashion, where they got into balance and added dysfunction.

In defense of the creators of Vasyan-mods, I can say that in this case the mod was made by very stubborn enthusiasts (how many years have passed. ) and darling +- fits into the general style. Not always, but still.

Not bad. Eh, remake of the first part.

Remaster would, not a remake, or rather just an ordinary patch that would make a game normal for modern stems

The game is amazing, but I don’t see much difference, yes, the camera is closer, but I would like a full -fledged Arkanum 2 with the level of graphics at least as in Diablo 4)

And it looks very good. If there were still support for modern monitors in the game, it would be generally gorgeous. So yes, we wait and want Remaster and the sequel.

At one time when Fallout 3 came out (and after New Vegas) hoped that Arkanum would continue on the same engine. And what? The engine is suitable, the technical opportunity is available. Just add colors to new textures. But alas. He also waited after Skyrim and even Follout 4 (assembly and modernization of only from trash, power armor as in Arkanum, and magic can be screwed)

But alas again. There is hope that after the success of the gates of Baldur 3 about the game will remember and do something worthy.

He took a quest from the witch, steal a magic ball from another witch, he is supposedly a charlatank and deceives people, as a result, a questodeal turned out to be a charlatank, and a stubborn witch cursed with a loss of characteristics

There it was possible to agree and change, but the mistakes are also fun, they are even better remembered

the game has long been needed by a remaster – you can not even do a remake

I tried the original for a long time. I could not play with such a graph for a long time. But in a remake with pleasure

You can put a patch on the modern resolution of the screen, then the objects will be slightly smaller, and the graphics will look very good