Baldur’s Gate 3 scriptwriters drew inspiration in Jason Born when creating a shadouhart

Shadouhart from Baldur’s Gate 3, perhaps one of the most popular game heroines of this year. In any case, a novel is spinning with her, which means that she clearly has a lot of fans. As you know the character, the servant of the evil goddess the ball won the players with her wit and charm more and more, and therefore it is not surprising that questions from Larian are about how they approached its creation.

As it turned out, Larian was inspired by a very unexpected source. In an interview with IGN, the head of Larian, Sven Vinka admitted that Shadouhart was created for the party as Jason Born, due to her memory loss. According to Vinka, since then her role has expanded, but it was like that originally seemed to be embodied in life.

Initially, the idea was that you get acquainted with party members who have absolutely no reason to trust you, but do not have any reason not to trust you. We overdid it a little with this, ”says Vinka. So we reassured her a little. Her injury and closing the shar have always been the main.

At first we wanted her to be. Then everything changed a little. At first she looked like Jason Borne, we had the original idea.

According to Vinka, the heroine "evolved", But all the same, it is very unexpected to hear that Larian drew inspiration from the franchise about Born. And if you missed an early access to Baldur’s Gate 3, then our favorite cleric-Goth has changed a lot from the moment of its first appearance. Shedouhart at the time of the start of early access was much more unpleasant and clearly not eager to make friends, regardless of your general difficult situation. This was changed while early access was still updated, which made it much more friendly, as soon as you saved it from the cage at the beginning of the game.

However, this does not mean that she is an open book. Like Jason Bourne, she is difficult to experience the loss of memory and literally cannot share many details of her life with the player. But even in this case, she is unlikely to rush to give out those memories that are available to her, first of all her service ball.

However, Larian believes that they managed to find the right balance, making it at the beginning of the trip simply not very gullible.