The artist showed a fragment of how the continuation of CRPG Arcanum could look like

Digital artist Alexander Berezin, aka Saur X, has repeatedly pleased us with his video concepts of how the original Fallout from the first person could look (the latter was especially amazing).

And a few hours ago he shared the concept of continuing the no less cult CRPG Arcanum: of SteamWorks & Magick Obscura from Troika Games. But this time he did not rethink the camera, preserving isometric.

I would like a remake/remaster with such graphics?

I would like. Yes, only he will never be released in normal condition. The game has a full of racism, sexism, chauvinism and other things, dear to the heart of a normal person who will certainly be cut out for the sake of a polite of the agenda.

(Seriously, here the stats are different depending on the floor, and the female character will be sent for the nah*r when trying to enter the men’s club or offer to become a prostitute.)

As if born yesterday. In any respecting game that is not afraid to insult anyone should be like that.

Must. But for some reason there is no.

such developers who are able to make a large -scale – there is no. The West is impregnated with the agenda, the Japanese in development stopped in the 90s, and the Guki and the brothers smaller Hindus in the gaming yet do not know how to. Englishs are not yet up to the development of games, for the atomic Hart, a low bow, but on this sobsno everything

There are also Cypriots. While they have shouted for the hill, but if PF develops PF from large Paizo pussy and meta to normal English stools – MB will work out something.

These qualities make the game realistic, because real people are surprisingly full of all this. Well, you understand

Arkanum shows an incredible world where magic competes with technology. The graphics in it occupied almost the last place, overlapping an incredible atmosphere and an excellent study. That the author did not understand this, says only about the need to go through it again, more thoughtfully. The best fan multiverse is Edien, configured for modern systems devoid of bugs, and supplemented by improved voice acting

I didn’t understand about the voice acting. She is unique there – it is made strictly on a certain form of musical instruments. What is there to improve?

Owner is dialogs in videos, although the music is also slightly improved if you manage to notice the difference. Here are part of the changes:

Video re -sounded. – Compared to the version of the voice acting of Fargus, other actors are involved in ours, the original background path is used and one of the rollers missed by Fargus is additionally voiced.

Integrated Lossless music. – The tracks of Lossless quality were personally handed over to us by the composer Ben Khugh, so there is no doubt as these tracks. Perhaps the owners of integrated sound cards and standard speakers will not appreciate our efforts, but we hope that everyone else will appeal.

Replaced some sound files. – A trimmed embosses from the release version is replaced by a more complete from beta version.

It is better to start with the original, not Vasyan-fashion, where they got into balance and added dysfunction.

In defense of the creators of Vasyan-mods, I can say that in this case the mod was made by very stubborn enthusiasts (how many years have passed. ) and darling +- fits into the general style. Not always, but still.

Not bad. Eh, remake of the first part.

Remaster would, not a remake, or rather just an ordinary patch that would make a game normal for modern stems

The game is amazing, but I don’t see much difference, yes, the camera is closer, but I would like a full -fledged Arkanum 2 with the level of graphics at least as in Diablo 4)

And it looks very good. If there were still support for modern monitors in the game, it would be generally gorgeous. So yes, we wait and want Remaster and the sequel.

At one time when Fallout 3 came out (and after New Vegas) hoped that Arkanum would continue on the same engine. And what? The engine is suitable, the technical opportunity is available. Just add colors to new textures. But alas. He also waited after Skyrim and even Follout 4 (assembly and modernization of only from trash, power armor as in Arkanum, and magic can be screwed)

But alas again. There is hope that after the success of the gates of Baldur 3 about the game will remember and do something worthy.

He took a quest from the witch, steal a magic ball from another witch, he is supposedly a charlatank and deceives people, as a result, a questodeal turned out to be a charlatank, and a stubborn witch cursed with a loss of characteristics

There it was possible to agree and change, but the mistakes are also fun, they are even better remembered

the game has long been needed by a remaster – you can not even do a remake

I tried the original for a long time. I could not play with such a graph for a long time. But in a remake with pleasure

You can put a patch on the modern resolution of the screen, then the objects will be slightly smaller, and the graphics will look very good