Marvel’s Spider-Man fans want to see a prequel according to the type of Arkham Origins

Although the PlayStation Showcase not so long ago pleased everyone, she showed that PlayStation has a strong trump card with the game Spider-Man 2. But some fans want to go not forward, but back on a time scale.

Ironsmashweb expressed a proposal about the spider-man prequel on Reddit, even inventing the PS5 game cover for the game. It depicts the heroes that you meet in the first game about Spididi, as well as some others, including mysterio. The fan of Spider-Man offers that the prequel is similar in scale to Arkham Origins, the prequel, which was launched between City and Knight in the famous Arkham trilogy.

It is assumed that the game will fill, a probable, significant gap between Spider-Man 2 and 3, if there is 3 at all. Like Miles Morales, the game about the first steps of Peter Parker from Insomniac will be slightly smaller and will use the same card, but this will lightly facilitate the expectation of a new big game.

You take on the role of a young Peter who is trying to get comfortable with his new abilities. Although some players believe that this can be a little boring, they offer that Peter ends with a fluid for the web, because he does not have time to understand some scientific foundations, and so that the blows that usually cut down the villains were not so strong.

Rocksteady did not develop Origins for the Arkham trilogy – another feature of the game, which some fans suggest repeating for a potential prequel of Spider -Man. Perhaps this is a difficult task for the studio that will take up it, but this is a chance for one of the other developers under the PlayStation umbrella to do something special while Insomniac will focus on the next flagship play about Spider-Man, not to mention Wolverine.

Although PlayStation and Insomniac probably already have an idea of ​​where the series of games about Spider-Man will move further, all the attention is still focused on the sequel, which will be released in the fall of this year.