The release of 4x strategies Age of Wonders 4 took place

Age of Wonders 4 by Triumph Studios and Paradox became available in digital stores on PC. According to the interesting tradition of marketers, a release trailer for a global 4x strategy was released a few days ago.

Age of Wonders 4 is a strategic game whose action takes place in a world inspired by traditional fantasy. The starting point for events is the awakening of the kings of the columns, which drive their plan to become deities. Here we play the role of one of them. Our task is to win the worlds of the Astral Sea, using magic and more traditional means.

We play this

I have been playing for 10 hours. Never flew out. Yes, very great variability in creating a hero and race. Yes very nice. There are a lot of improvements compared to 3 part, especially in the interface plan. Yes, as they wrote here in the review, the Map of Pustovat, even with Percu "world of Wonders" Then there is, the map is full of all craps, but basically it is nodes of bonus resources, piles of these very resources, and mobs that protect them. And different interesting buildings with unique bonuses come across really rarely. No option "Start from scratch", that is, you won’t choose where to put the city, they are all already built, and a lot of roads have already been laid. Maybe someone important. The camera in a battle twitches unpleasantly, and the option that should turn it off in theory does not work.

In general, I really like it, not 10 \ 10, but very interesting.

how are you "a game" ? According to the reviews of Steam there apparently "funny" : D

Those. The state of the game at the level of the modern trend is widespread frizes, for many it flies out.

Also played. In general, approx. There were no bugs. There were frizes on the leader’s screen, dropped up to 5, after the window closes, everything is ok. And after 6 hours the game flew out, for step by step, it’s not scary absolutely, but not pleasant. Gamlepino in general is the same 3rd, you are still not so rich (content) as in the 2nd.

what does it mean – 4x strategy?

4x – the genre of computer and board games in which the gameplay is built according to the 4x model (English. Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) – “Study, Expand, operate, destroy”. In the games of this genre, the player at the beginning has modest resources for development, and is looking for ways to expand on the world’s provided map, operating the found resources and developing technologically, builds a large and effective “empire”

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