Alaskan Road Truckers will be available for playing Gamescom 2023. A new gameplay trailer is represented

Green Man Gaming, Movie Games S.A and Road Studio reported that Alaskan Road Truckers will be available for the game during Gamescom 2023. The teams also prepared a new gameplay trailer.

Alaskan Road Truckers is more than just a simulator. You do not just control the truck, you play for the trucker, focusing on life both inside and outside your car. Delive up goods, build a successful business and leave your truck to explore Alaska, keeping your car and preparing for insidious conditions on the road.

Alaskan Road Truckers will be released on the PC platforms, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 in the fall of 2023.

The picture with the sound is applicable to this "Simulator"

The video gives an idea that there will be something between ATS and Snowrunner, which is undoubtedly pleasing, but judging by the picture – the graphics clearly does not meet the minimum requirements. We will wait and see. I’ll take it with a release, I hope the inconspes do not pump up.

This is what is missing in \ s 2

The game looks cool. This is what I understand the real trucker simulator, and not garbage like ETS2. I’m really looking forward to. In some centuries, a normal game in the genre will appear. Since the time of the legendary truckers 2, in fact, there was almost nothing in the genre. I would like to believe that the developments of Alaskan Road Truckers will succeed. I finally want a normal game about truckers!

In ETS, the count is better than lol

What did you see there to make such a confident conclusion that it is like a real trucker simulator and the rest go forest.The fact that the Persian can now be controlled and get out of the car, performing different actions of chtoli.

Truckers 2 In essence, the genre is not a simulator, but the races. The goal is to come before a competitor. But instead of tuned honda or supercar for hundreds of thousands – a truck with a trailer. This is what truckers are 2. What does this game have to do with simulators? Or a maza tracker you will also call a trucker simulator? There, too, there are trucks!
And this Alaskan Road Truckers is not such a trucker simulator as a survivor simulator.
Of the last suitable simulators is ETS2, ATS and Snowranner. And all!
There used to be a game of 18 steel wheels where actions took place in Alaska. There it was possible to drive the car under the ice, crossing the river. But in the hard trick, the goal was not to survive in the middle of Alaska, running around the truck and digging it, and not to run away from the wolves, but to take the load from point A to point B, with some "accidents" on the road. Everything is exactly the contrary here. Well, the transportation of cargo is just a given. With what it is necessary to start the surviv. In some games, the beginning is the fall of the aircraft, in others the Apocalypse of the Zombie, here is a truck traveling through snowdrifts.