The developers of the ambitious action in the open world of Bionicle: Masks of Power told about the plans for 2024

The very first sets of the famous Bionicle action series from the Danish company Lego appeared in early 2001. Throughout the zero, the brand actively advanced and conquered the hearts of the mass audience, but in recent years nothing worthy of the universe has come out. Creative team Team Kanohi, responsible for creating a game Bionicle: Masks of Power, I decided to correct the situation.

At the moment, final work is underway on the latest strokes for the demo version of the action in the open world (a trailer with a musical composition AS ABOVE, So BELOW from the Danish rock band Cryoshell). Launching is planned at the beginning of this year. There are no exact deadlines yet, but it is known that every month before the release of the demonstration version Team Kanohi will give the opportunity to listen to musical compositions that will be included in the project.

Bionicle: Masks of Power – Adventure game in the open world. You have to go in search of masks of power in order to save the inhabitants of the island of Mata Nui from the impending danger in the face of the ancient forces of darkness.

I will also tell about plans, in the summer I want to go to the sea.

I remember collecting chips in chips))

Almost all sets were (those that are 6 pieces).

Unless there were no big boxes.

In my opinion, the most batty are furrays and barraki.

As far as I remember, there were still raksha (I even had one, green), after the ships came out. Raksha lit up in the first full -length cartoon, and there was a mention there.

I remember once I played in a horned shotgun from the 3rd person about bio -ikles. Something like a metroid in 3D, I liked it. I will look for the one to replay, and I will add this one to the desired

The fig is remembered.

There are no makuts on you, Herod

Bakugan in his ass)

For the young, I think there will be norms, my son liked it, but as for me some kind

Wow, first learned about this game. I remember in my childhood I played some about bio-waters. It is interesting to see what will be done here.

On this occasion, I propose to recall what came out on this franchise earlier, among the Games on the PC and multiplication:

PC games:
Bionicle: The Game 01.09.2003, this game was made based on the cartoon that came out a little later in the same year;
Bionicle Heroes 16.eleven.2006, this game was unsuccessfully made, it failed, so that she inflicted a serious blow to the Bionicle brand itself, as a result, it affected the sale of Lego Bionicle toys sets and the brand’s popularity went downward, for a full heap, maybe what else the company had some problems LEGO with Bionicle toys, otherwise why the popularity of this brand has chopped up so quickly?! I myself went through this game, you can say, at that time I had not yet formed a gaming taste and I was not obvious to the problems of this game.

Bio -ikl: Bionicle: Mask of Light, 15.09.2003), in the first this cartoon looked at VHS, in his school years;
Bio -kel 2: Legend of the Meter-Nui (Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui, 19.10.2004);
Bio -kel 3: In the Pautin of Shadows (Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows, 11.10.2005);
Bio -Chronicles: Legend is reborn (Bionicle: The Legend Reborn, 15.09.2009);
Lego Binikl: Journey to the One (Lego Bionicle: The Journey to One, 04.03.2016), the mini-multserial was shot to promote an attempt to restart a series of toys in bionicill in 2015.

>We can say a shed, at that time I had not yet formed a gaming taste and I was not obvious to the problems of this game.

Starfield players have not formed a gaming taste?

That is, most players play games because they are stupid and do not understand that there are bugs and glitches in the game and do not understand that they can hardly play this game)

Hope for a bright tomorrow (future), no one canceled, not in vain they say: hope dies the last! (=^_^=)

P.S. I forgot to immediately add, you should not confuse when the child plays (as well as a teenager), he is ready to shit anything in the day (the personality is only formed) and when an adult is already playing (a fully formed personality), these are still different situations.

The story of a series of toys Bionicle from SNDK, from creating a brief retelling of Laura of this universe:

Krut probably the story will be after the part as TOA meters left a meter of NUI and went to the mat, and indicated the path to the new TOA, after which the story of the mask began

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