Respawn is already preparing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor shotgun, which will fix bugs and improve optimization

As it became known from the reviews of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the game suffers from problems with performance on all platforms, but PC also uses too much video memory, does not load the video card properly and does not use all the cores of the processor.

Despite the fact that before Star Wars Jedi: Survivor there was a day, developers from Respawn Entertainment have already reported that patches with improvements were coming. In addition, of course, the patch of the first day, which will probably correct some problems found, future patches will correct bugs in the coming weeks after the release, improve optimization and add more accessibility options.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be released on April 28 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

And as usual, this could not be done before the release.
Sometimes I have the feeling that this tactic "Press later" chosen specifically. I really can’t understand why almost all studios do so constantly. You could see that shitty optimization at the start can drop the game ratings to the level of the skirting board (hello tlou on PC), but you continue to do it again and again. What is the pancake of the sacred meaning.

Time – money, the economy should be economical, the multi -platform is primarily hidden under the console typical iron, that’s the whole meaning. I’m not saying that it is good. But transfer – these are also tangible additional, or even not taken into account, damage to the reputation. Again, there would be where to shift, the windows of releases are now choosing ahead of time, competition is high. The exit in April guarantees, with a number of failures, the possibility of a second successful wave of sales with a discount is already at a summer sale or its strengthening.

The patches of the first day are riveted by the same analogy. Weeks 5-6 ago were sent to gold, but in order not to lose precious time they continued to improve the start build. Consonic sales guarantee most of the revenue, for everything else there is a shot pocket and a marketing department that will present possible failures in a profitable light. The laudatory video is probably already closing.

The point is that the studios do not need to spend on testers, they are played by the players themselves, but for now they buy games in raw form, it will continue.

In V, pre -orders take all kinds of. That’s right, what for is spent on the testers – PIPLS SHOW, and if not, the gamers themselves will fix the jambs))))

Because the money is brought by the game business not those who love the games and plays them like a hobby, but those who play spontaneously, clean 1-2 hours at leisure and they do not sit and do not read the news about the game and all that, just like they do not read News about the gaming industry in general, and not such mega sophisticated people like us, because they can have passed 1-2 games in their entire lives, but they just played the rest, and they, I don’t think that they are watching there, which games were released without optimization and All that, bought the game, played 5 hours and abandoned, according to this, the games are advertised not only at specialized sites, but wherever possible, in the hope of attracting just such a spontaneous buyer and they are kept by Call of Duty, therefore in the United States From each gateway advertising it. Well, usually the games are also arcadit for such spontaneous buyers that I would not have to understand it for a long time.

Casuals are also gamers. And also watching games. I’m silent about the fact that an ordinary person of the street will not buy a prefix or a computer above the average price to play these games.

As usual, no game can be taken immediately after the release.

Another game with a patch after release. Apparently they are already specially done due to the risk of hacking denuvo.

I understand the paid beta version of the game, someday we will finish.

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