Free team action Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 drowned in negative reviews in Steam

The launch of the PC version of the Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 cannot be considered successful. Due to serious technical problems, the game was flooded with negative reviews D Steam.

May turned out to be a weak month for fans of giant robots, especially for those who love free-to-play games. Indeed, the output of the PC version of the Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 was another great failure in this category.

On the Steam service, the game was just terribly accepted: only 20 percent of players’ reviews were positive, which the service classifies as "Mostly negative" Reception of the game.

The problem is not in gameplay, but in the technical condition. The servers completely out of order – the formations are constantly breaking off, and the matchmaking match often does not work at all. There were already problems with this during testing, and now the situation is aggravated. Players also complain about poor optimization and freezing of the engine. The state of the game is all the more surprising that it has been available for PS4 for several years.

Despite all these problems, players will have their teeth so far and try to play on. Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 debuted on Wednesday with an impressive activity record – 25,000 simultaneous players. Despite the technical difficulties, yesterday’s record was 18,000 simultaneous players, which is quite surprising, given how negative this game was the reception.

It is hoped that the authors will be able to stabilize the work of servers and eliminate the most serious technical problems. In the end, the interest in the game is high, and if the developers rush, it can be saved.

It is worth noting that this is the second unsuccessful debut of May in the category of games with furs. Hawken Reborn release also turned out to be a failure. For this Free-to-Play products, only 23% of Steam reviews are positive. Here the players did not have the patience to wait for the patches – yesterday’s record of activity was only 33 people playing at the same time

The authors are confident in the high quality of the project? Bethesda sent many press copies for early reviews on Starfield

Although in the past, Bethesda did not really complain of the practice of copies of press copies, and at some point completely stopped the process of producing preval copies for the press, in the case of Starfield, the situation seems to have changed significantly.

Earlier this week, we reported that the embargo for Starfield reviews will subside on the evening of August 31 and until the game is launched in early access, at least in the USA, only eight hours will remain. Sometimes, when the authors act in this way, the idea arises that they are trying to hide something (remember the PC version of The Last of Us: Part 1 with a nightmare optimization at the start). But in the case of Bethesda, regardless of the game, they almost always put the embargo day before or on the day the game is released, so this is quite standard.

That is not the standard today is that companies that are not related to Nintendo send press copies for two whole weeks before launch. In this case, three weeks before the launch of the game that is not included in the early access program. Yes, this makes sense for such a large-scale game as Starfield, but you will be surprised to learn how often companies are hardly given to someone enough to review even large-scale games (for example, Baldur’s Gate 3 with its four-day term).

While large content creators can get a game earlier, often arise "Waves", When the press first receives the game, and then, much closer to the launch, the codes can get on YouTube and streamers. And often smaller authors stand aside. In the case of Starfield, press copies receive both large and small channels.

One of the reasons why the practice of mass mailing of press copies is not so often found is the possibility of leakage, including from the creators of the content. But this can also be the right strategy if the authors are sure of the high quality of their project. For example, yesterday information appeared from the owner of an early copy that in 15 hours of game he did not meet any mistakes. So, if the leaks are positive, it can be good (although it is unlikely that Bethesda wants things such as plot leaks).

The release of the new game from Todd Howard will be held on September 6 on PC and consoles Xbox Series S | X. By the way, the game can be won on our website, and you can find out about how to get more bonuses here.

The Lord of the Rings: Return To Moreia did not impress critics at all

Critics are in no hurry to evaluate The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moreia, which, apparently, did not like the reviewers who tested it too much. We are not in the same league with The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, but also not in the league of really good games.

Only a journalist from the Niche Gamer edition put the game 9.5 points, having written that we have a solid survival game, as well as one of the best licensing games in "The lord of the rings" And one of the most exciting games of 2023.

Other editors don’t think so. According to the CGMAGAZINE portal, we have a good game that will especially like Tolkien’s creativity, but adding nothing. PC Gamer is much less enthusiastic than the rest, even the most talkative, and believes that it is better not to delve into Moria mines.

The game received high estimates in the press, the average score for the Opencritic amounted to 66 points out of 100 based on 6 reviews, and only 17% of them recommended the game for familiarization.

Well, for the third day we play with a friend – this is really the best that has come out since the time of shadows. Yes, not AAA project, but after Comrade Naked shipped the players of Shaland full feces – this is a sip of fresh air.

How do you like the graphics from the first fabel?)

Normal graphics there and with optimization norms

It would be strange with such graphics to have problems with optimization)

Well, the graphics are far from the first Fable – to count like that, you need to be blind. In general, this is not aaa game. Demand the level of the level of the same ARC – drug addicts in it. And so – it looks nice, optimization is adequate – it does not require FSR activation at all, many new products can boast?

If you turn on Apskail, then the problem is not in optimization, but in your iron)

Of course, I meant a graphics from that year.

Only a journalist from the Niche Gamer edition put the game 9.5 points, having written that we have a solid survival game, as well as one of the best licensing games in "The lord of the rings" And one of the most exciting games of 2023.
Well, we can 8 hard, but it’s suitable.
Not early access, the plot, survival does not strangle the resource search (as for me for a beginner who I am in this genre the most)
It would still be finalized, new chips can be brought with updates, but taking into account that I was starving in games for this universe very much even nothing. True in one place is difficult, pumping would

Well, however, the game is not for Full Price, secondly, yes, it’s just well done to survive, which is quite interesting to play solo, because you are constantly moving forward, and not just be somewhere on a huge map and even more interesting to play In the group, as already said for the game, not for Full Price, everything is very soundly (but bugs need to be fixed)

It is quite interesting to play solo, because you are constantly moving forward, and not just be somewhere on a huge map
I agree, progress is felt, plus all this is presented as tasks from which there is no feeling that you spend time in the next penny in an empty penny how many they have already rented.
Well, bugs will be filed good. Apparently the game pleased the publisher as they already shared plans for support. In November, a large patch (with the correction of hundreds of bugs), December. And next year they have plans. Well, as I understand it, there will also be classic innovations for this genre to drive. They would specifically divide the single and on the network. So that the pause was like a pause and so.
By the way, it seems like the frequency of raids and respuna wolves should reduce that the current is plus as it bothers, especially the wolfers.
In general, if such heat went and this game will become massive, they could remove the muria prefix and roll out a large update once a year with a new location. For example, for the orcs to equip Izengard, restoration of osgiliat, etc

Yes, as if even in Moria, you can continue to draw a bunch of places that are in Laura but not in the game

Yes, this is the best game in the Universe of the Lord of the Rings, since the shadows about what they are ?

The norms of the game with friends in 3 days have passed

the hill of the clock was approximately spent? We have some water towers found some kind of waterfan some kind of water, we are still about?

More than half

it turns out to play it?

Well, I played a pirate and did not regret it, I liked it, I bore the developers with the purchase of the game. Although the trolls are not canonical as for me and some more points. But I liked the ENT, it was interesting to explore the world of Moria. The suitable adventure turned out.

I really liked the game. But alone in offline is personally hard for me. Constant sieges of goblins and crowds of wolves every 5 minutes..

With a new patch 1.0.2 corrected the number of orcs and wolves, in general it became simpler. They would introduce another game+ after the main plot to further explore and conquer Moria

I think the change is just around the corner. Developers active in discord.

The game is never kosher. With green goblins and orcs and black -skinned gnomes.

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor is still the most loaded in PS Store in May

A new entry appeared on the pages of PlayStation Blog games, from which it became known which games were the most loaded from the PlayStation Store in May 2023.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor was the most loaded PS5 game in PS5 in April 2023 both in Europe and North America, which is a wonderful result, given that the Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment project was released at the end of the month the most loaded in May. The adventures of Cal Kestis in the title role are actually the first in Europe and the USA/Canada, and in both territories it surpassed the competition of Grand Theft Auto V, which has always been one of the most popular games in terms of downloading. Below is a full ten best for PS5:

10 best in Europe

  1. Star Wars Jedi Survivor
  2. Grand Theft Auto v
  3. FIFA 23
  4. Dead Island 2
  5. Need for Speed ​​Unbound
  6. NBA 2K23
  7. Hogwarts Legacy
  8. Far Cry 6
  9. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  10. Resident Evil 3 Remake

10 best US/Canada

  1. Star Wars Jedi Survivor
  2. Grand Theft Auto v
  3. Dead Island 2
  4. NBA 2K23
  5. Mlb The Show 23
  6. Mortal Kombat 11
  7. Hogwarts Legacy
  8. FIFA 23
  9. Call of Duty Modern Warfare II
  10. Need for Speed ​​Unbound

As for the PlayStation 4, this is Hogwarts Legacy, which dominates both territories. In both cases, the highly appreciated Avalanche Software project has surpassed the competition between Minecraft and FIFA 23, which occupy the rest of the pedestal both in Europe and in the USA/Canada.

There was also a place for the PlayStation VR2 and for the first PlayStation VR: on two devices, as well as in the same two studied territories, Beat Saber wins the upper step of the pedestal. Finally, among free games, Fortnite dominates in Europe, while Trackmania is the most loaded in North America.

In the updated Cyberpunk 2077, mysterious riddles appeared related to the series The Witcher

In update 2.0 For the role-playing game of Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt, mysterious teasers associated with the Witcher Games series appeared.

The Synthpotato user has compiled a list of riddles found in update 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077, which, apparently, are associated with the series The Witcher. Among the finds are strange languages, the server room, as well as the QR code, which was discovered thanks to the secrets in the new arcade game.

Among the earliest finds – a message found on an in -game computer. It is addressed to a character by name "Polygistor" From a certain "Tyro/\/\ \ anta". It says:

Tyro claims to have found something. He wandered around Night City and found the old hall with vintage games. IN "a game that is more than 60 years old", He found a sign with the inscription "FF06B5". Since this is his last message, and he is going to leave, taking only a laptop with him. What is hidden behind this secret, the polygistor will have to find out himself

Players found a new laptop on a landfill, which, apparently, is encoded by the alphabet from the games of the Witcher series. It is assumed that the computer can belong to TYRO. Apparently, there is a kind of connection between these finds and a mystery FF06B5, which was added in the updated The Witcher 3. The mentioned riddle is still not solved.

Using the templates to translation of the language, the players eventually received a series of random letters. In the new arcade game located next to the farms, in the rating of high results PLHSTR (polygistor, the owner of the machine gun), FF06B5 is mentioned with the result "FF06B5". In the mini-game, the players take on the role of Johnny Silpund and break through their way through the Arasak tower.

Near the place where this machine is located, the server room is located. Waiting in the server, you will receive a master key that will open a secret room on the 52nd floor of an arcade game. She leads to a maze at -10, in which there are parts of the 3 × 3 QR code, which have already been found. The remaining three parts have yet to find.

No Man’s Sky has become available on Mac computers

Last year, at the Apple WWDC 2022 event, Hello Games announced that No Man’s Sky will go to Mac and iPad by the end of the year. Although the flagship game did not see the light last year, it is finally available on Apple’s laptops and desktop computers. A few days ago, the founder of the company Sean Murray published a couple of emoji with an apple on Twitter.

According to Hello Games, No Man’s Sky will be available to Mac from today. The game will present all content updates released over the past seven years, which suggests that the game will be completely ready. If you want to get the game, it is optimized for MAC computers with the Apple Silicon processor and some Mac computers based on Intel.

As mentioned earlier, No Man’s Sky supports a cross-country, allowing MAC users to join players with Xbox 1, Xbox X, SBOX S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and VR. Please note that the game already maintains compatibility with VR, which means that it can be announced for Apple AR bar on Monday at the Apple WWDC 2023 event.

As for performance, No Man’s Sky is optimized for an internal MAC SSD drive, which will accelerate the boot time. Thanks to the support of Metalfx Upscaling and META 3, the game will be able to provide graphic performance at the level of game consoles. In addition, thanks to optimization, the flagship game will consume less energy, which is a significant plus if you want to play the game on the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

As for the availability, No Man’s Sky will be available for free for users who have already downloaded the game through Steam. The game is available on computers Apple Silicon Mac Mini, IMAC, Mac Studio, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. As for the MAC computers based on Intel, the game will be available on cars with the Intel Core i5 processor with 8 GB of RADEN memory and the Radeon Pro 570x 4 GB and 20 GB of memory video card and a video card. You can download No Man’s Sky via Steam right now, and in the near future the game will appear on the Mac App Store.

GOG offers two free games as a gift when buying a role game Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader

RPG Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, the next development of the OWLCAT Games studio, known for the Pathfinder series, promises to become one of the most interesting premieres of the end of this year. GOG video game store announced a pleasant promotion for players.

Those who purchase Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader on this site during the first week from the moment of the premiere will receive two games as a gift:

Both products are step -by -step strategic games, but are very different in their subject. Rites of War was created on the model of the Panzer General series and allows you to play war at the operational level. Chaos Gate, on the contrary, is focused on small skirmishes in which we control a small detachment of space infantrymen.

Recall that Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader is released for PC and consoles Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, and the release is scheduled for December 7th of this year.

Betka played. The game is good without gifts, my main release of this year.
all servants of the Emperor are required to buy. and those who want to get acquainted with the life of the universe and not only "Space marines in the attack of piu piu"

I also played both alpha and beta, the plot of the game is good. Here I even have no doubt in Owlcat. However, if they release the game this year, then they are unlikely to be able to compare with Baldur`s Gate 3. Too small excitement, plus, mainly the target audience of the game, these are Warhammer 40k fans, and it is still inferior to the community of DND lovers, and unlike the DND that is more known, the newcomer Warhammer will be more difficult to perceive. I’m a newcomer in it and that, I met him a bit only because I talked to different ttrpg with Varhammer lovers, they enlightened me about the emperor and the rest. Of course, I played Scapemarine and Necromund, but these games did not so much have a desire to become interested in and study this universe, but Roguer Trader from Owlcat when playing Alpha and Beta managed. They are interestingly told history and Lor Varhammer is submitted. So you are imbued with them. No, of course, if the game will be released in December, it will be very pleasant, however, I feel, still more likely that it will come out next year. However, next year there will be many game releases and although the game itself is good, it is unlikely that it will not be lost among other releases. However, the game audience will have a target audience, as well as its community.

I did not like that they decided to distance themselves as possible from the original RT mechanics, but at the same time they write on the maximum difficulty about the need to know the rules of the desktop RT, in essence they gave powerful builders for pifting, but they deprived RT players with the opportunity to apply knowledge received in the role -playing role.

I join – I really look forward to this thing !

Firstly, they are not going to compete with BG3. If the game is released in December, then the automaton will be evaluated with the games next year. Secondly – the narrative of the focus at the outer level and the Larias are very losing here. Both the satellites and the villains are revealed in the second PasFainer by an order of magnitude cooler simply because without such a cool technical component and with an old dialogue window, it is much easier to reveal them. Thirdly, you can always just download the preservation to the tavern and that’s it)

Well, fz.. I do not care as much as possible on Baldur3, although the first 2 passed with all Icewinddale’ami. I also read Salvatore in childhood. Surely a good game, but it doesn’t look like a baldur. But RPG by waha is generally another matter.

How to block English sales – so immediately, but how to sell a game made by Englishs – so a gift?) Pshkiy such PSKOVIA

Of course Owlcats is not Larian with their budgets and all sorts of mushn captures. But what they know how to create a real Power Fantasy. In the anger of the righteous, I directly felt that GG was power, both in the gameplay and the plot of the protagonist feels some kind of deity that the lords of the demons were going to the pants, this feeling of total coolness in Baldur was not enough for me.

Although the salvation of the world and the chosen things are also in Baldur, but the plot is felt more chamber, there was a little feeling of globality that we were fighting for the whole world and not for the village of urban type.

In the gates of Baldura 3, in the main, the plot does not go to the fact that we can become God. There is rather a story about how a motley group of losers is drawn into a total 3.14 of it and gets out of it. Hence the restriction in the maximum level 12. If Larian immediately aimed at the 20th level where the characters would have already been half-gods, or even the game with the possibility of pumping to 40th level with all mythical chips, I think they would have completely surpassed their sovokotov in this regard. However, I personally like both games. Although the anger of the righteous does not pull me. Not because I don’t like the game. I just don’t like the starting labyrinth who can not be discouraged. Whether I wrote a proposal to them in the discord of the game that it would be possible to introduce all this to be discouraged and let the player immediately start in the tavern, if you don’t even miss the first city and immediately start when you are appointed by the commander. However, they answered me that it is impossible to do it from the technical part of the game. Well, and the second reason is lazy to recall, especially if you want to go to the true ending with ascension, you also need to go through the quest Nenio in order to be able to bring yourself up, Arila and all your companions. And the quest Nenio honestly, it is better not to remember it, like scumelia.

Partly agree, the group is really felt as a group of adventurers from a high road, but this is not so. There all through one chosen by the gods. Gail Super Ahrimag that sleeps with Mststa herself, the second chosen one either a ball or Seluna, Will Baldur in Solo protected. Karllah there for whatever straping, already, the cunning is desperate. Even the downtime of the Gutiyanka of wars and from the very lords on you and the inquisitor respects her, Orpheus almost pissing boiling water after each of her words, but about the dark temptation, I generally be silent. Only poor Astarion Vampire Ravature is the most common among all.

But nothing is felt anything. I know that all this is a larva, it was she who weakened them. But sometimes such a ludish-magnificent dissonance occurs. Well, why the hell you need a ball of this level of level 9? You have Vikonia there, who took the level 20 level 20.

Don’t tell me. Astarion is so in general carte blanche for Ascension Dali.

If you recall the old parts, then Vika certainly had to exceed 20, the level. Especially considering the events of the throne Baal.

Again free games as a gift. The author not only does not read, but also does not read!

Why does it look somehow sorry? Like a game of 20 years ago +- to sell when not all modern computers and laptops of the game of the old times can be launched, well, this is what yourself.

Although as a fan of wahi, I, principle, is not against such a fit of a honest. But on the other hand, it is more convenient for me that all my games are in Steam rather than Igrovservis, which I have not come in for a very long time, I do not use it and I don’t play there.
Moreover, it looks like a GOG attempt to somehow pull Steam buyers into your service. Apparently things are bad with them.

Yes, as if the first CRPG by Wahe will not be disassembled like hot pies. But the adjustment of the norms, although they could also accrue the Final Liberation)

And most importantly in the news is that there will be no transfer to the campaign!

Emnip, at least one of them was exactly handed out, if not both.

So it’s not yet clear how the outfits are going to get out with the sale of the game in UK.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous (also their game) is available in UK. Both in Steam and keys on trading floors. The breaks themselves say that in which case you can officially buy the key to Hobby Games.

Frankly, I’m more interested in the price tag for the game. How much do they want for the base of the game and how many more additions will be released)
Many developers set the price in advance before the release, as if it will unpleasantly surprise us.

Here is the problem in Games Workshop.

It already depends on the publisher, Wotr published the English Meta Publishing, but the past part (Kingmaker which) of the deep Silver Britishki, and it is inaccessible in our region. And the waja is already published by the Sovokota themselves, but Gamesworkshop seems to be breathing in the back of the head so that the origin of the game is not fired, and because of this a slightly strange distribution of the game.

First you need to wait a month to get corrections and then you can play

It would be better to Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters would give+ in a gog would be brought

It would be better to Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters

The authors of Metaphor Refantazio revealed several new details

Today, Atlus has an extensive live broadcast dedicated to the upcoming fantasy game Metaphor Refantazio.

We received a detailed question-answer with the main developers, gamedector Katsura Khasino, character designer Sigenori Saedzima and composer Shoji Meguro, who you can watch below, including several glimpses of the game itself.

Metaphor: Refantazio was originally conceived as a more traditional Western medieval fantasy, a team of developers from Studio Zero decided to switch to fantasy, which instead will include modern and relevant elements to give the game "A unique turn". According to Hesino, this applies not only to the aesthetics of the game, but also to her plot and game mechanics.

Initially, we developed the game in a more western, medieval setting, but quickly realized that it turns into a fairly ordinary fantasy. To give her a more unique turn, we thought about the modern world and elements that we could bring to this fantasy setting so that there is a feeling of communication between the two worlds. Whether it is the structure of the narrative or some game techniques, we tried to include this concept as a key entity and characteristics of the game universe.

It is interesting that players will see hints of this relatively more modern aesthetics in the fantastic world of the game not only in characters and their design, but even in what they will be dressed in.

Siegenori Soerzima’s characters designer said: "Even when it comes to what the character is dressed in, "Instead of recreating a traditional medieval image, maybe we could include modern elements in it? And they will help to give him a unique style? These were some of the ideas with which we experimented"

Metaphor: Refantazio is called an epic story in the style of high fantasy, and in it the players will stand in the place of the protagonist, which differs from the heroes that you are used to seeing in the role games of Atlus.

"In the case of this protagonist, there was a feeling that we want to portray someone we could not portray in our past games because of their modern situation", – Says the designer of the characters Sigenori Council. "In general, we wanted to create an Androgyn and heroic protagonist – someone who looks like to change the world with a design emphasizing his firm, decisive look".

The protagonist will be accompanied by the fairy of Gallik, which is described as "Classically fantastic in many respects", But it has "More modern aesthetics", What confirms the design of her character. According to Conduct, a team of developers Studio Zero received "The original creative impulse", necessary for the development of the characters of the game in accordance with its setting, after it has decided on the appearance of Gallika.

The plot of Metaphor: Refantazio will rotate around the kingdom, where the king and his son died, leaving the vacuum of power and subsequent attempts to take the place of the new ruler. The main character is one of these applicants for the throne, and in your desire to be chosen by the next king, you will travel around the world on an armored tank to win supporters of your work.

Players will meet characters belonging to various races, as befits fantasy setting, and you will provide different assistance to citizens whom you will meet in your travels. Performing these services, you will receive their support and strengthen your ties with them – it seems that this game is an analogue of Persona Social Links.

According to director Katsura Hasino, "fear" And the confrontation of their fears will be the main theme of Metaphor: Refantazio.

Metaphor: Refantazio will be released in 2024 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PC.

Empress hacked Denuvo protection in Judgment

Today the third beta test of Kryak has ended for Judgment And Empress released an official hacking release. The game was protected by defense Denuvo v.17.

The defense lasted a little less than a year. The cracker did not report her further plans, but perhaps it will be a continuation of Judgment – Lost Judgment.

Judgment is a gloomy action from the creators of the popular Yakuza Games series. The game tells the story of the disgraced lawyer Takayuki Yagami, who is trying to reveal a series of terrible murders, simultaneously dealing with other problems.

Denuvo wins too many games not hacked, one thing is not clear in the world of people, but only one can take?? Close this person or that happened to him everything will not be.

To get through the game is a good option. But nothing will replace the feeling of full -fledged ownership of the game, which does not even give a license, because they can be selected at any time/forbidden to buy if you have not come out/live in "wrong" country

So much that the eyes run up to buy, can Star Wars JS 62% in Steam or Callisto Protocol is also 62% or the only normal Dead Space among them because a short -term and remaster

Empris calls himself Emprings, the only unique goddess of 8 billion people

Well, the meaning of the game is to store, 99% of the games will not pass the second time.

I play a lot and then I have downloaded games 30 with a penny that I only plan to go through, plus new ones constantly come out, the last time Alan Wake passed the last time ago.

Japanese feces hacked, I sleep karoch

Yakuza series is one of the most respected series.

Even xs is to get down or not.

For barriers in the gaming industry, this is a gift, one of the best games in the Yakuza series. If you don’t know, do not pour dirt

It is more important to hack third -party projects than the released Star Wars, ahead of the new assassins Mortal Combat will pass by or ignore.

It is still too early to touch Star Wars, there on large locations a maximum of 40 fps subsidence up to 25.Limit 50 on small planets, sometimes rises to 57-58.For 60-70 only on top systems.

Well, Assassin "will come out of early access" Two years later, and in the MK, new fighters will be added before the announcement of the next part, therefore there is no reason to break them.

120-160FPS, 3440×1440, normal flight

Oh MK can be on the release and then after all the DLS – before they did it and nothing.

The same was said about the belnant, but in fact all the norms.

And what Shiza she gave out this time? Who I ran into now?

On Skidrou) called them Pathetic Force))) (miserable force – their redone slogan)

She said that Fe was hacked thanks to the exploit in the Unity engine, they themselves will not be able to deviantulize either the lines of the code. I invited them to take up a full -fledged denu, even if very old. Well, I laughed from their attack towards P2P (briefly – they sent P2P to their DLL file to Fe), saying that this is especially funny, given that Skidrou often steals with P2P (emulators and releases).

But in general – this time everything is on the case. On the Constitutional Court.Rin confirmed that the hack Fe was only thanks to the exploit in the engine – a one -time action.

But in general – this time everything is on the case. On the Constitutional Court.Rin confirmed that the hack Fe was only thanks to the exploit in the engine – a one -time action.

Stop, what. Fe? This is the game of 2018, it has not really been hacked yet?

Elusive Joe because.

Yesterday they only hacked.

Before that, only through Emuli Svitch, as I recall, was available.

The game is not interesting at all

And behind the hack, as usual 👍

The first yakuza current is normal, the rest of the conveyor under the copy is uninteresting

I recommend playing like a dragon, there is no that good old carbon copy.

Another nail in the coffin cover. Well done, Empress!

Game, by the way👍

It did not report but went well along the skid and their hacking shit in the phraseological

Yes, and they did not hack Denuvo there, in practice, they just used the loophole in Unity. Fuuu, well, shame.

Quite a normal game, especially considering that even today there are still not many good detective games as we would like.

Lol, wow. Almost a year passed, the norms here Denuvo gave a fight.

Yes, it is not a matter in the Duna, but in the game and not in priority it)

And what games she has "in priority" And when the pirates finally receive handouts in the form of games released this year?

At least that year would hack

We know perfectly what they bring for it and breaks, it is too early to break for one reason or another, somewhere she is engaged in her own business, projects, according to large releases, she promises to move immediately with Hogwards and about Starfield, if suddenly, and so alien The soul of the Potemka..))

This is a great logic of course, bring grandmas a hacker on a hacking game instead of just buying a game itself, especially if the game has some kind of network functions + also a system "Some are paid – everyone is using".

Even forgot..-And what’s here with the tongue?

There is no English puppy at all.

I already forgot about her

But this is great news, I don’t even remember when there was an interesting release from it.

Well done, Empress. keep it up!

Less than a year, so to speak.

I’ll go open a bottle of sparkling wine, in the common people – champagne, and I’ll go download. I hope about Lost Judgment will not forget.

P.S. Empress did not forget to speak out what they think about crackers Skidrow Games Fe.

Well, thanks to them for this, but now the thing will come to Calisto/Dedispas/Atomic?

1,500 bucks and reach. Perhaps the prices have already grown

Oo, Kuchevyavo – a personal game that will be hacked only for me and no one will receive a crack besides me? I don’t really need this, I am ready to share this fate with several tens of thousands of other pirates. I can throw off a half dollar, provided that another thousand of the same ones as I throw off the same amount and we will receive a crack after a month after the transfer. Perhaps this is what I agree.

The translation is the same as it wasn’t, which was not with Yakuza (though they were able to at least three games there)

Well . Without a English interface and credits, it’s very sad. Well, of course, I’ll go now to teach English. Nah.

The conveyor is still. From the year 15, consider every year to go through the game, but this is not a jubisoft, which means everything is fine, fans are hacking and do not wrinkle. it seems that in this series only devoted fans from year to year and play.

Every year there is already 2 games.

What is this game, hospad

The most unnecessary game

Chopped game, no Rusik 🤢

I like I reminded of herself, breaking nonsense.

Yes, she constantly writes some kind of shnyagu in her cart. And how funny it swore.

And what do you think is not non -nonsense? you can write about 3-5 games.

Not counting everything, this is a weak halter under GTA, a priori garbage.

With GTA there is nothing in common, this is the Japanese action of the RPG with an amazing plot. Like the whole series of Yakuza

Dead Space Remake when wakes up?

Well wake up

Why hack the unnecessary games that no one plays or downloads.

Tomb Raider I-III remasters will receive official Russian dubbing

Studio Crystal Dynamics together with Aspyr will release remasters of the first three classic parts Tomb Raider, published at the end of the distant 90s, already on February 14 next year. The Steam service page received a small update, how it became known that in addition to improved compatibility, slightly improved graphics and high -resolution support, the game will also receive official dubbing in 5 languages, including English, English, French, German and Japanese. In total, the game will be translated into 20 languages.

It’s funny that the first three parts have never received official English voice acting. Now closed publishing house New disk At one time, it began to translate the games of the series for distribution in the CIS countries from the 4th part, so it is logical to assume that dubbing in remasters will be new.

At the moment, for pre -order the game is asking for 990 rubles, taking into account a discount of 10%. The full cost will be 1100 rubles.

about it will be interesting to pass, I have never passed the original

It will not be easy. Since just a remaster, not a remake, the management will remain the same. You can’t shoot on the go, at the same time run and turn too (as far as I understand). With these moments on the drum for those who at one time played the original.

you can’t shoot on the go

It is possible in 2 and 3 parts for sure !


In all these parts, starting with the very first, you can not only run and shoot, but also jump in different directions with a coup, shooting at the same time.

I just remember a remake, it looks better than this "Remaster" For a log house ! Perhaps this is "Affection" for Android and iOS so that, and there, shove and cut more)))

How unexpectedly and pleasant.

She said another))

Cool, I always wanted to play in the first parts of the game without dancing with tambourine and crooked translations these days) And here is also dubbing) cool, wrap.

Only Tomb Raider III has a crooked translation, for Tomb Raider I and II there is a good amateur voice acting, and starting with Tomb Raider IV, all parts were released with off. full English localization.

Recently stole the original 1st part and the pancake is addictive even now, many times more interesting than the most large indie of the games, though managing it is still UG, but you get used to it, this is also introduced by some Chelendge.

The game is available for sale in the English Federation and will have dubbing

Well, here’s how not to buy here?!

There would be a remake – norms. And in remasters they generally know how to ?

All parts have passed, except for the last two, a lot of iron, and so remakes would be the first 6 parts and addons.

They will eat me now, but perhaps not so much you have lost. From the old ones I didn’t play everything, only Legend, Anniversary and Underworld (just awesome, I thought the foam from the mouth will go =) there is a pity there is no moment on the PC version of the meeting of the dark Lark and Natla after the main game) . Larka 2013 is also good, but the last two.

The last two on Epica on the ball received. Rotr squinted at a 100% passage to squeeze out (I don’t know why, but it is important for me to find everything), and the last one, at one moment, just dropped.

And now what the wrath of the fans is really pouring on me: I don’t know what this is connected with, but even in the passage of Rotr I terribly flared up discontent in relation to the game (well, since I got the game, then I need to finish it off – the only motivation to finish ), and the latter has stuck me so much that he came to a disappointing conclusion "I don’t need this kinya even for nothing". Some kind of rotten presentation, the freshness and a bunch of excess fucks were drinking. If I wrote at that time distribution, there would be a lot of diarrhea towards these two games) since it was a long time ago, I could not reveal all the discontent. It’s not so interesting that I didn’t even google than the story ended there at all.

And now I’ll go close the doors and stab the windows until the bricks flew into my head)