The authors are confident in the high quality of the project? Bethesda sent many press copies for early reviews on Starfield

Although in the past, Bethesda did not really complain of the practice of copies of press copies, and at some point completely stopped the process of producing preval copies for the press, in the case of Starfield, the situation seems to have changed significantly.

Earlier this week, we reported that the embargo for Starfield reviews will subside on the evening of August 31 and until the game is launched in early access, at least in the USA, only eight hours will remain. Sometimes, when the authors act in this way, the idea arises that they are trying to hide something (remember the PC version of The Last of Us: Part 1 with a nightmare optimization at the start). But in the case of Bethesda, regardless of the game, they almost always put the embargo day before or on the day the game is released, so this is quite standard.

That is not the standard today is that companies that are not related to Nintendo send press copies for two whole weeks before launch. In this case, three weeks before the launch of the game that is not included in the early access program. Yes, this makes sense for such a large-scale game as Starfield, but you will be surprised to learn how often companies are hardly given to someone enough to review even large-scale games (for example, Baldur’s Gate 3 with its four-day term).

While large content creators can get a game earlier, often arise "Waves", When the press first receives the game, and then, much closer to the launch, the codes can get on YouTube and streamers. And often smaller authors stand aside. In the case of Starfield, press copies receive both large and small channels.

One of the reasons why the practice of mass mailing of press copies is not so often found is the possibility of leakage, including from the creators of the content. But this can also be the right strategy if the authors are sure of the high quality of their project. For example, yesterday information appeared from the owner of an early copy that in 15 hours of game he did not meet any mistakes. So, if the leaks are positive, it can be good (although it is unlikely that Bethesda wants things such as plot leaks).

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