In the updated Cyberpunk 2077, mysterious riddles appeared related to the series The Witcher

In update 2.0 For the role-playing game of Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt, mysterious teasers associated with the Witcher Games series appeared.

The Synthpotato user has compiled a list of riddles found in update 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077, which, apparently, are associated with the series The Witcher. Among the finds are strange languages, the server room, as well as the QR code, which was discovered thanks to the secrets in the new arcade game.

Among the earliest finds – a message found on an in -game computer. It is addressed to a character by name "Polygistor" From a certain "Tyro/\/\ \ anta". It says:

Tyro claims to have found something. He wandered around Night City and found the old hall with vintage games. IN "a game that is more than 60 years old", He found a sign with the inscription "FF06B5". Since this is his last message, and he is going to leave, taking only a laptop with him. What is hidden behind this secret, the polygistor will have to find out himself

Players found a new laptop on a landfill, which, apparently, is encoded by the alphabet from the games of the Witcher series. It is assumed that the computer can belong to TYRO. Apparently, there is a kind of connection between these finds and a mystery FF06B5, which was added in the updated The Witcher 3. The mentioned riddle is still not solved.

Using the templates to translation of the language, the players eventually received a series of random letters. In the new arcade game located next to the farms, in the rating of high results PLHSTR (polygistor, the owner of the machine gun), FF06B5 is mentioned with the result "FF06B5". In the mini-game, the players take on the role of Johnny Silpund and break through their way through the Arasak tower.

Near the place where this machine is located, the server room is located. Waiting in the server, you will receive a master key that will open a secret room on the 52nd floor of an arcade game. She leads to a maze at -10, in which there are parts of the 3 × 3 QR code, which have already been found. The remaining three parts have yet to find.