The authors of Metaphor Refantazio revealed several new details

Today, Atlus has an extensive live broadcast dedicated to the upcoming fantasy game Metaphor Refantazio.

We received a detailed question-answer with the main developers, gamedector Katsura Khasino, character designer Sigenori Saedzima and composer Shoji Meguro, who you can watch below, including several glimpses of the game itself.

Metaphor: Refantazio was originally conceived as a more traditional Western medieval fantasy, a team of developers from Studio Zero decided to switch to fantasy, which instead will include modern and relevant elements to give the game "A unique turn". According to Hesino, this applies not only to the aesthetics of the game, but also to her plot and game mechanics.

Initially, we developed the game in a more western, medieval setting, but quickly realized that it turns into a fairly ordinary fantasy. To give her a more unique turn, we thought about the modern world and elements that we could bring to this fantasy setting so that there is a feeling of communication between the two worlds. Whether it is the structure of the narrative or some game techniques, we tried to include this concept as a key entity and characteristics of the game universe.

It is interesting that players will see hints of this relatively more modern aesthetics in the fantastic world of the game not only in characters and their design, but even in what they will be dressed in.

Siegenori Soerzima’s characters designer said: "Even when it comes to what the character is dressed in, "Instead of recreating a traditional medieval image, maybe we could include modern elements in it? And they will help to give him a unique style? These were some of the ideas with which we experimented"

Metaphor: Refantazio is called an epic story in the style of high fantasy, and in it the players will stand in the place of the protagonist, which differs from the heroes that you are used to seeing in the role games of Atlus.

"In the case of this protagonist, there was a feeling that we want to portray someone we could not portray in our past games because of their modern situation", – Says the designer of the characters Sigenori Council. "In general, we wanted to create an Androgyn and heroic protagonist – someone who looks like to change the world with a design emphasizing his firm, decisive look".

The protagonist will be accompanied by the fairy of Gallik, which is described as "Classically fantastic in many respects", But it has "More modern aesthetics", What confirms the design of her character. According to Conduct, a team of developers Studio Zero received "The original creative impulse", necessary for the development of the characters of the game in accordance with its setting, after it has decided on the appearance of Gallika.

The plot of Metaphor: Refantazio will rotate around the kingdom, where the king and his son died, leaving the vacuum of power and subsequent attempts to take the place of the new ruler. The main character is one of these applicants for the throne, and in your desire to be chosen by the next king, you will travel around the world on an armored tank to win supporters of your work.

Players will meet characters belonging to various races, as befits fantasy setting, and you will provide different assistance to citizens whom you will meet in your travels. Performing these services, you will receive their support and strengthen your ties with them – it seems that this game is an analogue of Persona Social Links.

According to director Katsura Hasino, "fear" And the confrontation of their fears will be the main theme of Metaphor: Refantazio.

Metaphor: Refantazio will be released in 2024 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PC.