Tomb Raider I-III remasters will receive official Russian dubbing

Studio Crystal Dynamics together with Aspyr will release remasters of the first three classic parts Tomb Raider, published at the end of the distant 90s, already on February 14 next year. The Steam service page received a small update, how it became known that in addition to improved compatibility, slightly improved graphics and high -resolution support, the game will also receive official dubbing in 5 languages, including English, English, French, German and Japanese. In total, the game will be translated into 20 languages.

It’s funny that the first three parts have never received official English voice acting. Now closed publishing house New disk At one time, it began to translate the games of the series for distribution in the CIS countries from the 4th part, so it is logical to assume that dubbing in remasters will be new.

At the moment, for pre -order the game is asking for 990 rubles, taking into account a discount of 10%. The full cost will be 1100 rubles.

about it will be interesting to pass, I have never passed the original

It will not be easy. Since just a remaster, not a remake, the management will remain the same. You can’t shoot on the go, at the same time run and turn too (as far as I understand). With these moments on the drum for those who at one time played the original.

you can’t shoot on the go

It is possible in 2 and 3 parts for sure !


In all these parts, starting with the very first, you can not only run and shoot, but also jump in different directions with a coup, shooting at the same time.

I just remember a remake, it looks better than this "Remaster" For a log house ! Perhaps this is "Affection" for Android and iOS so that, and there, shove and cut more)))

How unexpectedly and pleasant.

She said another))

Cool, I always wanted to play in the first parts of the game without dancing with tambourine and crooked translations these days) And here is also dubbing) cool, wrap.

Only Tomb Raider III has a crooked translation, for Tomb Raider I and II there is a good amateur voice acting, and starting with Tomb Raider IV, all parts were released with off. full English localization.

Recently stole the original 1st part and the pancake is addictive even now, many times more interesting than the most large indie of the games, though managing it is still UG, but you get used to it, this is also introduced by some Chelendge.

The game is available for sale in the English Federation and will have dubbing

Well, here’s how not to buy here?!

There would be a remake – norms. And in remasters they generally know how to ?

All parts have passed, except for the last two, a lot of iron, and so remakes would be the first 6 parts and addons.

They will eat me now, but perhaps not so much you have lost. From the old ones I didn’t play everything, only Legend, Anniversary and Underworld (just awesome, I thought the foam from the mouth will go =) there is a pity there is no moment on the PC version of the meeting of the dark Lark and Natla after the main game) . Larka 2013 is also good, but the last two.

The last two on Epica on the ball received. Rotr squinted at a 100% passage to squeeze out (I don’t know why, but it is important for me to find everything), and the last one, at one moment, just dropped.

And now what the wrath of the fans is really pouring on me: I don’t know what this is connected with, but even in the passage of Rotr I terribly flared up discontent in relation to the game (well, since I got the game, then I need to finish it off – the only motivation to finish ), and the latter has stuck me so much that he came to a disappointing conclusion "I don’t need this kinya even for nothing". Some kind of rotten presentation, the freshness and a bunch of excess fucks were drinking. If I wrote at that time distribution, there would be a lot of diarrhea towards these two games) since it was a long time ago, I could not reveal all the discontent. It’s not so interesting that I didn’t even google than the story ended there at all.

And now I’ll go close the doors and stab the windows until the bricks flew into my head)