GOG offers two free games as a gift when buying a role game Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader

RPG Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, the next development of the OWLCAT Games studio, known for the Pathfinder series, promises to become one of the most interesting premieres of the end of this year. GOG video game store announced a pleasant promotion for players.

Those who purchase Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader on this site during the first week from the moment of the premiere will receive two games as a gift:

Both products are step -by -step strategic games, but are very different in their subject. Rites of War was created on the model of the Panzer General series and allows you to play war at the operational level. Chaos Gate, on the contrary, is focused on small skirmishes in which we control a small detachment of space infantrymen.

Recall that Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader is released for PC and consoles Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, and the release is scheduled for December 7th of this year.

Betka played. The game is good without gifts, my main release of this year.
all servants of the Emperor are required to buy. and those who want to get acquainted with the life of the universe and not only "Space marines in the attack of piu piu"

I also played both alpha and beta, the plot of the game is good. Here I even have no doubt in Owlcat. However, if they release the game this year, then they are unlikely to be able to compare with Baldur`s Gate 3. Too small excitement, plus, mainly the target audience of the game, these are Warhammer 40k fans, and it is still inferior to the community of DND lovers, and unlike the DND that is more known, the newcomer Warhammer will be more difficult to perceive. I’m a newcomer in it and that, I met him a bit only because I talked to different ttrpg with Varhammer lovers, they enlightened me about the emperor and the rest. Of course, I played Scapemarine and Necromund, but these games did not so much have a desire to become interested in and study this universe, but Roguer Trader from Owlcat when playing Alpha and Beta managed. They are interestingly told history and Lor Varhammer is submitted. So you are imbued with them. No, of course, if the game will be released in December, it will be very pleasant, however, I feel, still more likely that it will come out next year. However, next year there will be many game releases and although the game itself is good, it is unlikely that it will not be lost among other releases. However, the game audience will have a target audience, as well as its community.

I did not like that they decided to distance themselves as possible from the original RT mechanics, but at the same time they write on the maximum difficulty about the need to know the rules of the desktop RT, in essence they gave powerful builders for pifting, but they deprived RT players with the opportunity to apply knowledge received in the role -playing role.

I join – I really look forward to this thing !

Firstly, they are not going to compete with BG3. If the game is released in December, then the automaton will be evaluated with the games next year. Secondly – the narrative of the focus at the outer level and the Larias are very losing here. Both the satellites and the villains are revealed in the second PasFainer by an order of magnitude cooler simply because without such a cool technical component and with an old dialogue window, it is much easier to reveal them. Thirdly, you can always just download the preservation to the tavern and that’s it)

Well, fz.. I do not care as much as possible on Baldur3, although the first 2 passed with all Icewinddale’ami. I also read Salvatore in childhood. Surely a good game, but it doesn’t look like a baldur. But RPG by waha is generally another matter.

How to block English sales – so immediately, but how to sell a game made by Englishs – so a gift?) Pshkiy such PSKOVIA

Of course Owlcats is not Larian with their budgets and all sorts of mushn captures. But what they know how to create a real Power Fantasy. In the anger of the righteous, I directly felt that GG was power, both in the gameplay and the plot of the protagonist feels some kind of deity that the lords of the demons were going to the pants, this feeling of total coolness in Baldur was not enough for me.

Although the salvation of the world and the chosen things are also in Baldur, but the plot is felt more chamber, there was a little feeling of globality that we were fighting for the whole world and not for the village of urban type.

In the gates of Baldura 3, in the main, the plot does not go to the fact that we can become God. There is rather a story about how a motley group of losers is drawn into a total 3.14 of it and gets out of it. Hence the restriction in the maximum level 12. If Larian immediately aimed at the 20th level where the characters would have already been half-gods, or even the game with the possibility of pumping to 40th level with all mythical chips, I think they would have completely surpassed their sovokotov in this regard. However, I personally like both games. Although the anger of the righteous does not pull me. Not because I don’t like the game. I just don’t like the starting labyrinth who can not be discouraged. Whether I wrote a proposal to them in the discord of the game that it would be possible to introduce all this to be discouraged and let the player immediately start in the tavern, if you don’t even miss the first city and immediately start when you are appointed by the commander. However, they answered me that it is impossible to do it from the technical part of the game. Well, and the second reason is lazy to recall, especially if you want to go to the true ending with ascension, you also need to go through the quest Nenio in order to be able to bring yourself up, Arila and all your companions. And the quest Nenio honestly, it is better not to remember it, like scumelia.

Partly agree, the group is really felt as a group of adventurers from a high road, but this is not so. There all through one chosen by the gods. Gail Super Ahrimag that sleeps with Mststa herself, the second chosen one either a ball or Seluna, Will Baldur in Solo protected. Karllah there for whatever straping, already, the cunning is desperate. Even the downtime of the Gutiyanka of wars and from the very lords on you and the inquisitor respects her, Orpheus almost pissing boiling water after each of her words, but about the dark temptation, I generally be silent. Only poor Astarion Vampire Ravature is the most common among all.

But nothing is felt anything. I know that all this is a larva, it was she who weakened them. But sometimes such a ludish-magnificent dissonance occurs. Well, why the hell you need a ball of this level of level 9? You have Vikonia there, who took the level 20 level 20.

Don’t tell me. Astarion is so in general carte blanche for Ascension Dali.

If you recall the old parts, then Vika certainly had to exceed 20, the level. Especially considering the events of the throne Baal.

Again free games as a gift. The author not only does not read, but also does not read!

Why does it look somehow sorry? Like a game of 20 years ago +- to sell when not all modern computers and laptops of the game of the old times can be launched, well, this is what yourself.

Although as a fan of wahi, I, principle, is not against such a fit of a honest. But on the other hand, it is more convenient for me that all my games are in Steam rather than Igrovservis, which I have not come in for a very long time, I do not use it and I don’t play there.
Moreover, it looks like a GOG attempt to somehow pull Steam buyers into your service. Apparently things are bad with them.

Yes, as if the first CRPG by Wahe will not be disassembled like hot pies. But the adjustment of the norms, although they could also accrue the Final Liberation)

And most importantly in the news is that there will be no transfer to the campaign!

Emnip, at least one of them was exactly handed out, if not both.

So it’s not yet clear how the outfits are going to get out with the sale of the game in UK.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous (also their game) is available in UK. Both in Steam and keys on trading floors. The breaks themselves say that in which case you can officially buy the key to Hobby Games.

Frankly, I’m more interested in the price tag for the game. How much do they want for the base of the game and how many more additions will be released)
Many developers set the price in advance before the release, as if it will unpleasantly surprise us.

Here is the problem in Games Workshop.

It already depends on the publisher, Wotr published the English Meta Publishing, but the past part (Kingmaker which) of the deep Silver Britishki, and it is inaccessible in our region. And the waja is already published by the Sovokota themselves, but Gamesworkshop seems to be breathing in the back of the head so that the origin of the game is not fired, and because of this a slightly strange distribution of the game.

First you need to wait a month to get corrections and then you can play

It would be better to Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters would give+ in a gog would be brought

It would be better to Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters