You were a good boy: Einstein, a dog playing Red Dead Redemption 2, died

Einstein Barnes, a dog playing the role of Kane in Western Red Dead RedMption 2 from Rockstar, died. The news of Einstein’s death was shared on social networks by his owner and colleague, RDR2 animator Jason Barnes.

"Einstein was truly one of a kind", – wrote Barnes. "From the moment of our meeting we have formed a deep connection, and it was clear that we were destined for countless adventures together".

"Although our time has come to an end together, the memory of you will live forever. Red Dead Redemption 2 can perpetuate you like Kane, but it is the memories that we created together that will really keep your spirit. The lessons that you taught me about fidelity, love and life to the fullest will never be forgotten".

Barnes said that he first met Einstein, who then wore another nickname, in the shelter when he was still a puppy. Inspired by films "Cowboy Bibop" And "Back to the Future", He renamed him to Einstein and taught him as a service dog.

Einstein took part in the creation of Red Dead Redemption 2 after Barnes was transferred from Rockstar San Diego to the New York Office. The move has become "Great perestroika" for both of them, but he was able to take Einstein with him to the office every day, where he became known "Like the best dog". According to Barnes, his only problem was that "He sometimes "He wrote with joy", when I saw some team members", Especially the director of the game cinema of Luke Howard.

When Barnes began working on the RDR2 set on Long Island, Einstein often accompanied him on trips. His role Kane began as a sample of a costume to capture the movements of the dog, but "At this point, all the actors already knew him, and thanks to his official preparation, he was used to sitting and patiently waiting for him to make him the perfect dog for filming".

"It all started with several samples, and the next moment we learned that he was taken for the role of Kane", – Barnes said. "I happened to work with him on the set as his trainer, and this is a very pleasant memory. We made several clever displacements scenes [shooting angle] and t.P., to get a trick with Mika, beating his foot, as well as tricks with Miku, chasing him. He was obsessed with lasers, so we often used them to force him to run in a certain direction.

He often fit into every frame, even made a bunch of mokaps of movements for the main dog things, but his moka was mostly focused on the moments with Kane and his performance. He was such a good boy. Incredible how well he coped, even the actors were surprised.

And it is really indicated in the titers of RDR2:

Barnes said Einstein "definitely" I would have lived up to 20 years if it had not begun cancer. "Everyone considered him a puppy when I brought him to dog parks to play", – he said. "He chased and played with the smallest dogs, about 2 months before his death". Einstein was 13 years old when he died.