The sandbox with the open world of Necesse received a large update with a new class, new buffs and balancing

Necesse-an adventure-player with an open world from developers Hooded Horse and Fair Games-received a major update. Go on expeditions with non -game characters, go to new dangerous invasions in endheim and re -open magical equipment with an updated mana system. You can play Necesse alone, in a cooperative with a group of friends or on a dedicated server with hundreds of other players – see a new game trailer and get ready for the next adventure.

The new patch presents the first iteration of the upcoming Endheim Necesse system. Defeat a powerful wizard to secure tablets with which you can build altars that give access to new types of missions and bioms. Each new area for research is supplied with new bosses, weapons and equipment. Over time, more content will be added to Endheim, including new zones mechanics.

Individual adventurers can also now invite settlers to join their detachment and explore the world. These companions will need food, but they can also use potions if they are given access. As in a multi -user game, the number of enemies and bosses will change depending on how many companions are in the group. Your adventures will also be accompanied by ten new original tracks scattered throughout the game.

And the last, but no less important: magical weapons and equipment were processed. All weapons in this category were renewed and now will consume mana, and new trinkets and potions will help with its generation.

Necesse is localized from English to German, French, Spanish (Spain), Czech, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Turkish, English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish (Latin America), simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese.