The developer assures that The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will not finish the same way as Friday the 13th

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – the new project of Gun Interactive and Sumo Nottingham, and since the team is known as big horror lovers, they are one of the best options for creating their own horror genre according to the classic scenario "Texas massacre chainsaw". If you still do not know, they are also developers Friday The 13th, which, unfortunately, closed its servers in 2020 due to problems with licensing. In an interview with PCGAMESN, the creative director of Gun Ronnie Hobbs assured that the Soyra family would not repeat the path of Jason Wurchiz and his mother.

The situation around Friday The 13th was inherently more complicated than in the case of Texas. In the case of Texas, we are dealing directly with Kim Henkel, the only owner of intellectual property. We worked closely with him throughout the process not only from a creative, but also from a legal point of view. We were as attentive as possible during this whole process, so that everything went smoothly.

Although Hobbs could not tell in detail what happened in the case of Friday The 13th, it seems that the team has learned lessons from this experience, providing more reliable protection of rights to IS Texas Chainsaw.

After the success of Friday The 13th, many potential buyers addressed us with a proposal to turn them into games. We spent a lot of time to analyze and weigh all possible options until, finally, we met Kim Henkel. As soon as we discovered that both sides show a huge interest in creating the game, we quickly realized that Texas would be our next project.

The plot of the game Texas Chain Saw Massacre actually occurs shortly before the events of the 1974 film, being a kind of prequel. However, familiar places, such as the house of the family and the gas station, occupy the central place on the maps of the game. It is hoped that thanks to the participation of Kim Henkel in the creation of the game, new materials will be added to it in it. However, the fact that the events of the game occur before the film allows you to add new original materials.

The fact that the action of the game unfolds a few months before the release of the original 1974 film allows us to create new characters without being too closely related to the whole franchise. Obviously, as the events develop, we hope to expand as much as possible, so you never know what awaits us in the future. Obviously, the rights to films are a complex aspect for navigation.

Friday the 13th fans from GUN will be happy to find out that, despite the significant differences in the legal design of the game, there are a lot of similarities in the gameplay. If you liked the variety of escape options and the convulsive search for objects in the house, then in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre you will find the same mechanics. There are no cars and boats yet, but several details are required to open each exit. As a family member, you can rummage in cabinets and freezers if you suspect that the victim is hidden in them. Texas has its own highlight, so the game is ideal for multi -user gameplay – the whole family of killers plays at the same time.