The cooperative sandbox Ikonei Island received a new trailer on the eve of the release of the full version of November 9

Jetpack Collective and Snowcastle Games released a new video with developers comments that examine the features of the Ikonei Island multiplayer game: An EarthLock Adventure, which promises to be a hospitable and joint game that expands the Universe of Earthlock. The game offers players to join friends to build a piece of paradise and go on an unforgettable adventure. The video shows a joint gameplay, where the magic of cooperation is a key element that encourages players together to explore the exciting world.

The central place in Ikonei Island occupies a cooperative mode. With the launch of Ikonei Island: Friends ’Pass on Steam last month, the developer guarantees that players will be able to join the adventure without even buying a full version of the game, which also serves as a demonstration to learn how to play. And the news does not end there: after the first launch, it is planned to release seasonal updates and new content, promising to further expand the capabilities of the game.

Ikonei Island: An EarthLock Adventure develops the success of the Role Games EarthLock, transferring the rich magical world of the franchise to a new territory. The game takes place on a uninhabited island. The players are faced with the task of exploring a diverse and intriguing landscape, collecting resources for breeding and friendship with wildlife in order to use their unique abilities to advance to new areas of the island.

They have to find the ancient ruins of the bygone civilization, deal with thirsty treasures of pirates and open a number of various biomes, from ice mountains and dry deserts to dense jungle and wet swamps, revealing the secrets that the island keeps. suggest.

In addition, in Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure, players will also have the opportunity to create a unique island and a customizable village that will serve as a base for operations and viable unique objects, which will allow them to configure the island to their taste.

Ikonei Island: An EarthLock Adventure will be released on November 9 on a PC in Steam, and the release of console versions is postponed. The version for PlayStation will be released on November 23, and the version for Xbox is scheduled for February 8, 2024. The version for Nintendo Switch has no confirmed date.