Redfall is no longer enough players to completely collect the lobby for four people

Redfall, the notorious Vampire FPS 2023, developed by Arkane and published Bethesda, recently established a new anti -record, showing an incredibly low number of simultaneous players, which were not enough even to fill the standard cooperative lobby for four people.

Over the past few weeks, the number of simultaneous players in the game in peak moments barely exceeded 30 people. As PCGAMESN notes, there were periods when it was simply impossible to assemble a full-fledged cooperative team of four players because of the lack of players in Redfall. For example, last Friday, according to Steamdb, there were only three players in the game at the same time:

VGC also noted that starting on September 22, the number of players in the game is constantly measured by unambiguous numbers every day, which corresponds to a complete two -week period.

Despite the full failure of Redfall, the creators are not going to give up the game, claiming that she simply "I started wrong". Last month, the head of the Bethesda Publishing House, Pit Hinnes, said Redfall developers intend to add 60 FPS support to the console version, and said that, in his opinion, thanks to Game Pass, the game will continue to attract the audience even in the future.

At the start, Redfall was criticized due to uninteresting missions, weak artificial intelligence of opponents and technical problems, as a result of which the game received a general estimate of 3.4 points and the status of extremely negative. A poor assessment of the game even forced leaders such as Phil Spencer and Matt Boti, to tell about Xbox’s involvement in the disappointing release of the game.

Despite the current Redfall reputation, at the time the game was released five months ago, the number of players did not cause any particular fears. Back in May, she had a solid base of players, which at one point reached 6,124 simultaneous users. But in recent days it has become clear that even the most devoted fans of Arkane and Bethesda reconciled with the deplorable state of the game and abandoned it.