Producer Ryan Turek talked about the upcoming film adaptation of the game Dead by Daylight

In an interview with the portal Collider Vice President Blumhouse Productions for the production of full -length films Ryan Turek talked about the current state of some projects of the film company.

In particular, about whether they will receive "Five nights at Freddy" A sequel, rumors about which have been circulating for some time, the Turusa said the following:

This film brought so much money. It was a gigantic success, and we appreciate it. Emma [Tammi] worked perfectly, but the sequel has not yet received "green light". Let’s see.

Regarding the status of already confirmed sequels "Black phone" And "M3gan" The producer was also laconic:

"M3gan 2" – At work. We have not yet begun to shoot, or something like that. We intend to be in time for the assigned release date in January (January 17, 2025 – approx.). Concerning "Black phone 2", then, in fact, I have nothing to say about how he moves.

But when it came to another project, the tourist became much more talkative:

I want to say that one of the projects I actively work on is this is Dead by Daylight, adaptation of the game, which has already turned something about seven years old. I look at him as a holiday of horror, which is the video game itself. "Five nights at Freddy", Obviously, they taught us to focus on fans and make adaptations of video games for them. I am a big fan of Dead by Daylight. And although I switched to games more playfully, such as Alan Wake 2, sometimes I am: "I’ll play it tonight in Alan Wake 2 … no, I’d better play in Dead by Daylight for the killer". I am very excited by this project, and we are creatively pondering the ways of its implementation.

Recall, Dead by Daylight – asymmetric multiplayer horror from the studio Behavior Interactive:

On the one hand, we have a maniac thirsty, and on the other – four inexperienced teenagers. This begins the game in cat mouse.
To deceive the monster and leave the dangerous area, you will have to use improvised means and elements of the environment, earning special skills.
The game world is generated randomly, so each time, starting the game, you do not know what awaits you around the corner. Each solution increases or lowers the chances of survival.