Presented a previously unpublished gameplay of the Korean action Stellar Blade

After the relative lull around the Korean action of the Stellar Blade, the network again began to actively discuss the debut project of the SHIFT UP studio. A surge of discussions around the game arose immediately after it became known that the appearance of the main character was presented by the popular model Sin Ja-Uyun. The sexual forms of a girl may not be the only advantage of the future game, as evidenced by fresh gameplay.

A small demonstration of the STELLAR BLADE gameplay appeared on the Internet. It is reported that the gameplay of the game cannot be called "fresh", However, he was noticed only now, and for the first time he allows us to evaluate some action capabilities of the action on the last current assembly, which was demonstrated by the Korean press.

The adventure action of Stellar Blade looks really promising. The developers promise to unite a dynamic slasher, a worked out graphics and a thoughtful narrative, creating something completely new. Players will have to master a balanced attack and defense in order to survive the hordes of enemies from another world.

The girl is cool, definitely.

In my case, only on virtual all my life, the appearance decides

Eh again 2-3 years to wait until they release it on PC

Maybe they will not be released at all.

Every self -respecting gamer has long has a console, I do not see problems

Well, judging by the fact that the console exclusives on the PC are very successful, there are many chances!

I would not say that the phrase "self -respecting" And "console" You can use together. But, nevertheless, it was possible to get one such prefix as a gift, now it is safely dusting on a shelf, more than a year, waiting for GTA 6. And certainly, for the sake of 1-2 games, I do not plan to take the second vacuumber for my money, especially for 60-70k wooden))

That is, you do not respect yourself, since hold the console?

Nier + DMC + Bayonetta = Stellar Blade

So initially they said that it was plagiarism and as an idea of ​​the same

Plagiarism is not plagiarism if plagiarism is no worse than the original, but in other scenery this is not bad

Trailers as always beautiful, but in fact we will still see)

If the game also looks and move in the game of this girl, then everything will be ok

In view of the latest new products, I think this game will be in the top. Koreans well done, are not afraid to show beauty, contrary to everything.

And the monsters are not very. The proportions are so -so

Who said that?

estimate the monsters are better than girls and you including

If you haven’t played Korean MMOs, it’s your problem

Devil May edge Bayonette Edien

The main thing is that the PC will come out after the beta test with consolers

Tell me where you "picked up" This is an opinion and argue ? I will express my opinion and explain:- I will never trample for platforms and launches and no one has the right to indicate what to play and spend my money and time! I have a console for exes and a PC for multi -platform and I am not indignant when the ports exit. I just "BEHIND" multi -platform. At least this saves funds for the maintenance/update of one platform, or the choice of means and preference. On the topic of your statement: – For all many time I had no problems with exclusive games from Sonya or Nintendo – I bought/downloaded and I play calmly, I play it calmly. And here is a bunch "crutches" , I more often received from multi -platform games that I managed to take to the console, because they and there and there are amused. Here are my conclusions, and what do you argue? :

1) if earlier (in the distant-long years), then console eczes were not produced on a PC;

2) if now (the last couple of years), then the released console ports on the PC are problematic, as a rule, judging by the reviews, and more reminiscent of alpha/beta versions for PC players. Sonya is studying. I hope.

PS: If you are from incomprehensible to me "Camps" fans where one "With the heater" And others "Pekakashkin" then better don’t answer. read and okay. I am nothing, God forbid, I do not impose and express/explain my opinion, and not just "Wow" For the sake of comment. Health to all and pure sky!