Open Beta Update 1 Started.48.5 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

A team of developers of Western Balkans is preparing to release the long -awaited expansion of the map. To prepare the soil for this, technical update will be released 1.48.5. The version of the game is not increased to the whole number, since mainly we are talking about the adaptation of some data.

Since the DLC release Western Balkans are already close, the developers work hard behind the scenes, correcting mistakes and bringing the addition to perfection to make sure that everything is in place for smooth release. This includes a tireless redemption of several databases with the global economy and topology of access to routes, and sometimes making appropriate changes to the game code.

In addition to hidden changes in data, there are several more noticeable features in this update – the inclusion of a new contents of the card! Players can look forward to acquaintance with the recently added city of Trieste, as well as with updated cities Ancona and Bari.

The developers need to make sure that all the hard work and devotion of the cause invested in new content are ready for publication, preparing the ground for the expansion of the card. As you can notice, the technical update ETS2 1.48.5 is an important step in preparing for the release for Western Balkans, since it contains not only corrections of errors, but also the exciting new card content, which will better connect with the new part of the Universe of the game.

Experienced players can again help developers in beta testing of changes. It will also be useful for creators of mods to check their mods for changes to make sure that they have as few compatibility problems as possible.

Participate in open beta testing, study new cities and leave reviews in the special section of the forum to help the developers to improve the game process guarantee that the upcoming release of DLC Western Balkans will be an unforgettable and pleasant trip for all ETS fans.

If you want to take part in open beta testing, you can find this version in the Public_beta branch in Steam. Access to it is as follows: Client Steam → Library → Click with the right mouse button Euro Truck Simulator 2 → Properties → Beta-version tab → public_beta → 1.48.5