On the Dragon’s Dogma 2 page, the release date appeared on Steam – the game will receive a text translation into Russian

As expected from the previous leak, the role action will be released on March 22, 2024. On this day, the game should appear on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 demonstration, on which Capcom was supposed to announce this very release date, will take place tonight at 23:35 Moscow time and after it, perhaps, pre -orders will open.

Two publications will be available for pre -order:

Bonus for the pre -order of the standard publication:

  • Excellent arms four.

Bonus for the pre -order of the Deluxe publication:

  • Excellent arms four.
  • Ring of calm.

We are present the following note: Note: Perhaps the bonus mentioned above will be available in the future.

Deluxe Edition includes the main game and addition “New set "Fortunately for a traveler"”.

New set “Good for a traveler”:

  • Traveler’s camping set (equipment for the camp).
  • Collection of music and sounds from Dragon’s Dogma.
  • Smoke bait for harpies.
  • Successful suspension (thought out gift).
  • The mysterious fret of the fault (change in the character of the pawn).
  • Homemade dungeon key (to escape from dungeon).
  • The art of transformation (change in the appearance of the character).
  • Strengthening stone (returns the fallen to life) (a).
  • 1,500 fault crystals (glasses for use for fault).

If you somehow missed the hype around the Dragon’s Dogma 2, then this is the continuation of the 2012 Dragon’s Dogma AC. It will be expanded by many systems presented in the original game, including the system of corporal pawnshops and the opportunity to climb monsters.

The world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 will be approximately four times more than in the original game, but this applies not only to sizes, but also to the density of activity, so you will have something to do.

In addition, monsters will now have habitat and behavioral attack models, so you can, for example, disperse the griffin while he hunts for prey.