Norman Ridus and Mads Mikkelsen did not understand the visions of Kojima in Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima is known as a game designer with a very far-sighted creative mind, to such an extent that it is very difficult to understand what he wants to say is very difficult even for the participants in his games. This is what happened to Norman Ridus and Mads Mikkelsen in Death Stranding.

Mikkelsen himself told about this during an interview with GQ, dedicated to the most famous roles that he played during his career. The actor admitted that initially he did not even understand the vision that the game designer had in relation to the game and their characters, but nevertheless they nevertheless provided the ultimate trust in his work.

“He tried to explain this to us, not even once, but we both thought that we understood, although in fact it was not so. When he tried to explain the project to us, there were so many layers that Norman and I tried to nod at the right time, and then said: “We understood, we move on,” says Mikkelsen.

In any case, only one thing can be done with Kojzima, according to the actor: “You must trust him“.

Then Mikkelsen admitted that he finds “A little ridiculous all the equipment for capture used for filming“, Although in the case of errors on the set, he still felt calm, because he remembered that Death Stranding was animation work, and therefore everything could be easily fixed in the development phase.

They did not understand the Buryats, because they smoked not that he smokes.

They just don’t know the Buryat language

They have different suppliers)

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I play right now, finally my hands have reached, I also understand what the game is about)

As I understand it, they have a competition with hidetak who will smoke grass more before work, only maestro apparently also shuffled by nature and Kojima is always in the role of catching up)

Kojima wanted to make a game in which he could survive teenage sensations when he received his first sex in Buryatia as a reward for the delivery of a burger from a delicious and accurately Buryat lamp chan.

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Thank you, Petrosyan thinks so too.

In the justification of Kojima, I can say that it will be difficult to understand the game without playing it. I also did not understand at one time by gameplayes, trailers – what is happening there and that the Buryats smoked.

However, having risked and bought this project, having viewed and listening to a ton of dialogs, you involuntarily begin to plunge and understand the essence of what is happening, t.Black and white are described to you every new plot: what kind of mules are it, what kind of grenades from your blood and so on.

Naturally, the game is not for everyone. Someone can throw it after half an hour of the game, someone will pass to the end-I understand both sides. Game for the desired mood.
That of course, this interaction of all players in one world pleased this: for example, when he ran away from mules, the staircase that the player built a lot helped, sometimes the bridges are saved through the currents, the bike in the general storage helps to bring supplies intact and preservation.

And an important aspect that everyone noticed at the beginning of the game is a gorgeous soundtrack and a minus flows out immediately – it does not always play and just do not turn it on, such as it could be done in MGSV through the player. But when this moment arises, when the soundtrack begins – you fully feel like in a movie, you just get pleasure that has overcome this long way that did something useful)