New details about the strategic role -playing game Unicorn Overlord

Atelus and Vanillaware have published new details about Unicorn Overlord – one of the most interesting games that appeared on the recent Nintendo Direct, which, apparently, is a strategic role -playing game that combines the characteristic elements of some games of two participating companies.

This circumstance alone makes the Unicorn Overlord exit, and official information only confirms this feeling, recalling that the release date is scheduled for March 8, 2024 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

The plot of the game unfolds on the continent of Fevritus, on which five states are located: root, Drakeenhold, Elheim, Bastoria and Albion, inhabited by both people and other races – elves, angels and mixed races of Bestrav. After General Valmore from root decides to rebel against the royal family of his state, a war begins that breaks the entire continent into parts.

The main character of the story is Alain, he is a prince of root, forced to leave his homeland after an internal uprising. Thanks to the legendary Ring of the Unicorn, he becomes the commander of the army, which will try to free peoples from the new absolutist regime.

Of course, there will be many other characters on which a very complex and multifaceted story will be built with turns and various subsidies. In total, as the developers report, the game will "more than 60 unique characters".

Gameplay will freely explore the big world with the possibility of freeing various sections of the territory and joining them to their control. The strategic approach requires studying the map taking into account various sources of resources and supply, as well as decision -making on controlled territories and battles.

In addition to a single-user plot, the Unicorn Overlord also contains multi-user modes: Online mode allows you to take part in the battles in the Coliseum or in PVP-transfers of various types.