Insider: GTA 6 trailer will be released in the fall of this year

Rumors and insids about the new Rockstar game continue to appear on the network almost every day. This time, the Twitter user with the nickname Budz expressed confidence that the GTA 6 trailer will be released on November 17 of this year, and the game release is scheduled for November 2024.

The insider noted that Rockstar specifically disseminates false information among employees to avoid leaks. The merged gameplay GTA 6 Budz refers to the version of the game 2020.

It is noteworthy that the same date for the release of the game was previously called such authoritative insiders as Jason Schraer and Tom Henderson.

It is difficult to imagine what GTA 6 will be in such a political correct time.

Even more awakened than RDR2

And my neighbor, uncle Vanya said that the GTA 6 trailer will be released in the winter of 2024, and he is an insider is clearly more likely more than some kind of noun from Twitter!

Judging by your nickname, none of the sane ones will have a doubt that you trust your neighbor in terms of game insidies more than a conditional Schraier or Henderson)

I didn’t understand something. The screenshot says that the release date is November 17, 2023, and you have written " Budz expressed confidence that the GTA 6 trailer will be released on November 17 this year, and the date of the game is scheduled for November 2024. ", That is, the release is November 2024. Mr. Simple Jack, you are also a kind of insider? Or specifically disseminate false information as Rockstar? )))

In short, I rummaged and found the joke. He supplemented in the comments to Twitt that we are talking about the release of the trailer. Here is the screen.

Focus on detailing the view from the cabin – this was a very correct solution. If where to develop a series, then in this direction, otherwise in the five salons are all similar, low-polygonal, and you won’t look at the Z-Type without tears, and the first-person riding is sharp and angular. To make a mixture of high -quality juper and car symbols from this game is just a dozen entering, and rocks showed at the drain and even adjusting the seats. If they really confuse and set physics over these trifles, then other games will not be needed for a long time. Starting from the third part, most of the game time I spent in ordinary pokatushki outside the plot, and it will be very cool to do this with my own radio, first -person view, a change in weather and time of day, in the elaborated world and the ability to turn on the wipers or lower the glass.