Honkai developers: Star Rail told how they used AI when creating a game

More and more gaming studios are actively discussing and considering the consequences of the use of new artificial intelligence technologies in development, and the developer of Honkai: Star Rail Mihoyo is included in their number.

Honkai: Star Rail was released last week for PC and mobile devices, introducing Gachu and other systems familiar in the previous hit with the open world of Genshin Impact, into the classic JRPG format.

Like Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail is a large -scale game that is planned to expand over time. A team of developers of more than 500 people work on it, but even with so many employees, the scale of the game makes it not surprising that the developers used at least a couple of artificial intelligence methods to finalize some design elements created manually.

Our team pays great attention to AI, especially its influence on the game industry. In fact, we have already integrated some of the latest AI technologies in Honkai: Star Rail. These technologies were used to improve the appearance and behavior of the characters, enhancing immersion in the gameplay due to a more natural representation.

Nevertheless, in Honkai: Star Rail there are some areas, to which, according to Mihoyo, AI is not ready to touch, although perhaps this will happen in the future. In particular, the creation of content scenarios – you will not find in Honkai: Star Rail any plot scenarios from AI, especially considering how much the game is oriented towards the plot. Nevertheless, Mihoyo says that the deeper use of AI for writing scripts "I definitely intrigue".

Given this, we also found that the current application of AI is still limited. It looks more like "Cherry on top", complementing what we already have, instead of fundamentally solving problems from scratch. We will focus on the consequences and development of AI in order to develop a more reliable implementation in the future.