Fresh update for Aliens: Dark Descent allows you to disconnect the “Death Clock” function

A new aliens update has been released: Dark Descent, which has good news for those who are easily worried about game timers. The creators separately noted that the corrections were made on the basis of the reviews of the players themselves, who faced different problems in the game.

According to the latest notes to the patch, the new update for the tactical strategy adds the possibility of removing "hours of death" – intra -game timer that works at the end of the campaign.

The duration of the timer depends on the level of complexity, but now it can simply be removed by giving yourself as much time as you need to finish the serious ominous story of Aliens: Dark Descent.

Also in the update there will be an opportunity to miss the prologue of the game if you have at least once passed this mission. This will allow you to master the tactical gameplay Aliens: Dark Desent and not worry that at the beginning of the new campaign you will have to keep your hand on the pulse.

In addition to the above opportunities in the last update, another improvement appeared aimed at combating disappointment. Now Aliens: Dark Descent will perform autosasy with each exit from the otago, so all the changes made to the base or marine infantry will be automatically preserved.

This will avoid unpleasant moments when, after prolonged changes in the settings and optimization, you understand that you have not been preserved. Of course, the update also contains a lot of corrections and optimizations, so be sure to read the full version of the patch, if you want to learn about all innovations.

You can play Aliens: Dark Descent right now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

The game is a tactical action in which you have to conduct a detachment of marine infantrymen through the territory teeming with xenomorphs, while revealing the original plot within the framework of the cult universe "Strangers".