Freeze a place! Tekken 8 on PS5 will be more than 80 GB

On January 26, players will finally gain access to the continuation of the Tekken 7 story, so it would be nice to find out the size of Tekken 8, which will be released on PS5, Xbox Series and PC. According to the PlayStation Game Size account, you need at least 80 GB of free space on SSD to install fighting!.

This figure may change in the coming days, as we are talking about version 1.001.001 Games collected and preparing to exit under the label of the publisher Bandai Namco. There is very little time left to confirm what the PlayStation Game Size said, given the four days that are separated from the preliminary download that is scheduled for January 23.

In addition, fearing possible epileptic seizures among the players, the Tekken 8 producer confirmed the exclusion of the accessibility function from the game. According to Katsuhiro Harada himself, the problem was solved inside the company, and the filter will not be present in the final version of the game, which will be released on January 26.

normal so 80 gigs

Games have been occupied for a long time for 100, with a good morning

And most importantly there about stupidly not terrible game.

So 7 weighs not much less, if not more. With 23 disks in warehouses, so a feat to the electronic version.

RDR 2 150 weighs, it turns out that Tekken with its tiny decenters weighs half of the RDR.Here are people in confusion "Normally, so 80 gigs"

what is the problem? My games weigh the total 9 TB

For T8 I will free at least half of the solid, at least all. 99% of the game time on PS5 will be for text

Meanwhile, Mortal Combat 11 – 150GB.

But seriously, buy HDD at 6-30TB and stop steaming about the storage

PS5 is not xbox.

The price of an official expansion card for 1tb = 19 thousand. rub.,

The price of quality m.2 drives, Samsung 990pro on 2TB = 16 thousand. rub.

Yes, at least 200 this garbage will die after 3 weeks

I wonder why 7 Tekken lived for 8 years and was a top on the online among fighting?

When MK weighs for 100GB, there is at least a graphene visible.Tecenn still looks like a game for PS3 only in high resolution.

Just the graphon in the last MK is sad in comparison with Takene8

I think this is as a person who loves MK more

people, wash your eyes or go to the optometrist. Everything is just the opposite))

You will play?In which place is graphene in MK worse?Everything is better there, in all aspects.Compare the same models of characters, lighting.

You can evaluate the schedule by some criteria?I don’t see graphics in terms of texts than texts better.Unless more sparks and effects)

OK, for starters, wearing a corny compare MKH and MK1 (2023). Graphically, mkh looks better. Take a closer look at the same clothes of the characters. Everything looks at times better. It can be seen that the inconspes tried. There is a crypt, an excellent elaborated adventure mode from the 1st person where you can look for all sorts of bonuses and go through the levels. That it was so good in MK11. MK1 stagnates in plot mode, not offering just something special, given that the plot is the 3rd restart of the pancake series. No continuation of 3d era, where the character’s ENT was revealed and the plot expanded. In terms of the battles, I again saw almost nothing new, when compared with the same MK11. Graphically the game looks worse than MK11. I am generally silent about the invasion regime. I understand that they wanted to offer something new. However, this regime is already darmed a month after the 1st season. And this was exchanged for a quite good mode of crypts from MKH and MK11? Well, here you need to throw up developers with tomatoes.

If you return to Tekken 8, then graphically the game also looks better in all respects. If you do not like sparks, then in the settings of graphics in the demo you could put them at least. And these sparks will not be trapped so hard. In 2, compared with the same MK1 (2023), the plot promises to be many times better, which was already clear by the passage of the 1st chapter in the demo version. The honed battleship without any imbalance and imbalance, which can not be said about the MK series, where the Persians continuously imbalance, which is wildly noticeable in online matches in the same MK11, when all sorts of Kessi Cage stupidly tease the same technique or combo and iron it until while The whole strip of health will not fall to zero. In MK1, a similar hat with an imbalance. Not to play adequately in any way. Unless only in the initial leagues and all. It makes no sense to meddle further, t.To. There are only nerds who memorized 1-2 combo and special reception and stupidly clamped by them until blue. Also when comparing Tekken 7 and Tekken 8, then the development of some mechanic and the introduction of new. The difference in the graph and more worked out animations are noticeably strong, which you can’t say and compare the same MK11 and MK1 (2023). Also, good optimization in Tekken 8 was still during the period of beta tests and in the current demo version. I know everything about optimizing the new MK. Until now, part of the bugs cannot correct from the release of the game. Especially when it comes to the loss of sound at the beginning of the battle (including online), when only the exit to the main menu helps or restart the game whole.

Well, I will summarize: MK1 is damaged. IMBOL DISBALARY DLS Persus Omnimen, to which the hell will be picked up. The breeds turned the game into a donate garbage dump, where adequate skins should be taken only for real. And 5-6 costumes will cost the full prime of the basic publication of the game that nafig does not need. In addition, online bugs after the start of the new season with Sab-Ziro. And again, the uniformity of the invasion regime is already a month. In addition, the outgoing balance patchs break even more and so broken Persians. Also, given the fact that before this MK they made Industis 3, it becomes clear why the gamdescene of the new MK contradicts itself. At least because everything is too bright when compared with the same MKH and MK11. In addition, in order to adequately play the new MK from the English Federation and RB, you must shaman with tambourine that on PC, that on consoles. The methods of bypass are known, but the very fact that the publisher evens those who bought the game already suggest that it is no longer possible to give money to such a publisher in any form.

Previously, he was a fan of MK, trembling before turning on in MK9 and MKH, and still I do it. However, with such an attitude of the developer and the publisher to his own game, it is very difficult to look for the positive aspects of the new MK. Especially when it is clearly visible that they offer Tekken 8 and SF6. And there are no dancing with tambourine and some impositions of the donates and other things. In ST6 I know that there are skinny for donat. However, the game and basic skins are quite good. As in Tekken 8. What can not be said about the new MK. The basic skins of the Persians are quiet horror. And good and adequate skins only for donat, as I wrote above. Personally, I don’t need this. I have already regretted how many times I have taken a new MK for Fullpraise premium publication.