For the game Lies of P, a major update was released with new costumes, improvements and editors of balance

As promised by Korean developers from Round8 Studio, they continue to work on improving Lies of P. The authors of the hardcore roeal action not only make balance edits, but also try to quickly respond to the discovered errors, and also complement the game with new content. Today the next patch for Lies of P has been released, which contains a large number of innovations.

Large -scale update for Lies of P is designed to note a successful release. Several sets of outfits for the protagonist were added to the game, and it was also possible to change the hairstyle. In addition, the developers processed the general balance of the game.

Notes to version

  • New costumes are added to the game. After installing the last update in the menu "Equipment" And "Bag" You can find the following items: "Hat alchemist", "Treasure Mask", "Hunting clothing hunter for treasures" And "Illusory emerald glasses".
  • On the menu "Costumes" Added a new category. Now players can equip "Mask" And "Accessory" Together in the section "Hairstyles" In the costumes menu.
  • Added to the game "Short gray hair". Available after the first passage of any of the ending of the game. Available in "Jeoppetto tools".
  • Added a new option to configure the size of subtitles. Tuned in the menu [Settings -> Game process -> Subtitus size].
  • The speed of the attack of some monsters is adjusted to make their attack more intuitive.
  • The duration of breaks in the rack for some monsters has been increased.
  • The spavna places of some monsters and traps are adjusted so that they better correspond to the course of the game.
  • P-organ "Rising Dodge" was replaced by default ability.
  • The damage of some types of weapons is increased.
  • Some types of weapons began to cause a rack for monsters more often.
  • Now relatively light blades will receive more ‘Guard Regin’, and heavier – less ‘Guard Regin’.
  • Reduced delay after the attack and the time of the ‘Charge Attack’ for some heavy handles.
  • Now some heavy handles will have a higher attack speed depending on the collected blade.
  • Damage from "Destruction", applied by Montset when using "Perfect protection".
  • Weapons ‘Puppet’s Saber Blade’ will now have increased stats after improvement.
  • The distance of movement was increased when using the attacking skill of weapons "Proof of humanity".
  • The speed of damage to weapons is increased "Etiquette", but the number of fable charges for a certain period of time during the attack was reduced.
  • The mechanism of tracking the attack after the successful execution of fable art has been improved "Protective parrying".
  • Increased Buff of damage from "Bells of provocation" For the player.
  • Fixed errors and much more.

Together with the exit of the update, representatives from Round8 Studio expressed gratitude to all players who show interest and support Lies of P. Thanks to community reviews, hardcore action was nominated for The Game Awards 2023 in two categories.