For the first time, fans and critics award the same Goty award at The Game Awards ceremony

Baldur’s Gate 3 has firmly entered the history of The Game Awards 2023, having managed to accomplish a feat in which many of its predecessors failed: both the public and critics awarded the game under the leadership of Jeff Kelie, the same Goty.

Indeed, the story of The Game Awards teaches us that the opinion of a wide audience is often different from the opinion of a specialized press, even taking into account the fact that the voices of the audience can still influence the final decisions. Therefore, in 2019 it was decided to organize for the first time " The voting of the players" – A series of votes in which only users only choose their game of the year. In general, give the public the opportunity to become the main character.

Every year we saw different winners: the first two votes brought the victory Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Ghost of Tsushima, in subsequent years – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and The Last of Us Part II. Perhaps the victories of the last two releases were even more sensational: in 2021, Halo Infinite won – a game that has not even released, and in 2022 – Genshin Impact – a game that was obviously available for several years.

A reward that caused a lot of disputes, since it was not only the year of Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok, but also due to the fact that there were serious suspicions of using bots to obtain possible free voices for playing from Mihoyo.

But 2023 was a year, which, finally, since the establishment of this award, has really united everyone: Baldur’s Gate 3 received not only Goty 2023, but also a prize "The player’s voice" The same show. In other words, both critics and viewers agreed: the role -playing game from Larian Studios is undoubtedly the best game of the year. The achievement by which the studio is undoubtedly proud of.

And this is an even more important reward, given that there was also "danger" See Genshin Impact the winner for the second time in a row: this year Free-to-Play Mihoyo also entered the final.