For the emperor! The release of the role -playing game Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader

The day has come to plunge into the warp. OWLCAT Games reported that Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader is already available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. Svokota would not be fuel-off if everything had happened without problems: due to a technical error, the game could not be purchased at Steam, but the error was already corrected and the standard edition will cost you 1599 rubles.

Warhammer 40: 000 Rogue Trader – this is the new high -quality step -by -step CRPG from developers OWLCAT Games. Players take on the role of a titled free merchant, the leader of a powerful starship and his team. Whether it is diplomacy with newly discovered planets, step -by -step tactical battles or exciting battles with pirates and renegates – the fate of Rogue Tradeer is in his own hands.

The game is available on PC, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Lan. But knowing the games of this studio is "release", not release.
So I’m waiting for it to really come out.

Rejoice that at least there is no need to update the computer here 🙂

I agree, a wonderful genre, where all games go perfectly

Pathfinder Anger.. – great game, but met her after 1 year of the release, not knowing her gloomy past. I hope everything is tolerant in the novelty

I agree with your consent. This genre is amazing!

Well, I bought it right now, I download it, I hope it is playable.

Well, there, in Bete, it seemed still better than on the release of the puffyders, and in those ruled mostly recently the balance, since with so many classes/subclasses.

And they seemed to say that on the puffyders they scored on testers to save – and the result. And here they seemed to promise to hire a separate office + early access (free betaite from us).

The emperor approves! Although I am chaos. The first passage will be behind the aristocrat-haosite. I hope that in the release they will give an opportunity to choose which god of chaos I want to serve? I myself want to serve Slaanesh. And the second will be for a psiker, and by the way, does not know whether Eldar is romance or not?

No, but you can talk to her in a romantic vein, but at the end

She betrays you, t.e. Druchari sells the whole team in slaves.

Hmm. And I was hoping.

The moment when the Eldari did not expect.

Uiiii, waited for the same. Now we are waiting for the same support as Larian.

My Kaifas Cain is already trying to get out of the damned ship.

The game is very raw came out or you can play ?

Norm. Does not even lag much. In the first 6 hours of game I did not meet bugs.

not on torrents yet, it does not take place..

Sorry did not notice, a really full release)))

The game in Goga came out, so. But if there is an opportunity, I would still advise you to support the guys, even if you are not going to play at the start – whether a joke, a studio of several dozen people with two games behind them scrape for a license and development, in just a couple of years, having rolled out the first CRPG for forty thousandth , so for me the very existence of this game can be considered wine for fans of the setting (which will recall the situation with Terminator Resistance and Robocop Rogue City), and the authors really deserve respect.

Someone "mimic" They have a warhammer when they should be brutal and epic. But to check out, I think it is worth it, but how to bring to playable condition, then play.

There are only 40,000 bugs in the distant world of the future. Moreover, it may not even be a joke.

And so, I will probably play someday. IN free edition)

The standard will cost 999 r, and Dopa (such as art and so on, which weapons are at 450 and 150, which can be excluded.

and not, I fuck, I’m sorry, 1599 r for sure

I am glad to go out to the game, but before the summer sale I will not start playing all the same until they have a bunch of bugs

Great news, I will definitely try.

"new high -quality step -by -step CRPG from OWLCAT Games Developers"(With)
This is Oxymoron.

against the background of the fact that right now they release, the quality is really high

There will be a year.

According to video 1 in 1 Pasfainer resin, again the walls without animations, as in 2000

The genre is such a classic role-playing game, everything is like in the old-like 2000s.

This is not a genre, these are the incisions of such. This is not in the BG3, in Dragon Age even in the first part of 2009 too. This disgrace in 2023 cannot be able to surpass at least 2009

Yes? And in BG1 and Planescape it was just like that. Without animations and walls of text. And nothing, so far both are considered almost the standard of the genre, especially the second. This distinguishes this genre that the visual part in it is not the main thing, since the game and besides it has something to offer the player. But the presence of a modern visual is not condemned, as in BG3.

These games when came out? 20 years ago Alo

Dude, this is a relatively young studio for a hundred people with two games behind them, they independently scrapped money for a license and development, and in two years they collected a comprehensive party RPG for forty -thousandths on the UNITI – no one dared to do so, because it was PPC What is the risk (despite the growing popularity of the sunshine and setting, this is still a very Gikov niche), but at the same time we have at the exit, though a crooked, but ready -made product made with respect for fans of the Universe and the Test.

And I didn’t just allocate "Party" component, because it is precisely the RPG subjunction, which is traditionally characterized by the walls of the text, deep mechanics and ascetic visual.

Larian to the BG3 (by the way, their first game with normal animation) went much longer, they had no more experience and money at the time of creation, they had their own engine, and then I had to release the game much earlier than planned to finish in order to finish , having left only on popular support. I would say that Sovokota is now at best at the Larian level of the times of the first Orijinal Sin, and this is not bad at all. There is no point in comparing meaning with biovars either – at the time of the release, Dragon Age Orijans (which, by the way, is a sufficiently casual RPG), they were already consisting of an office, which had rpming at that time, six pieces with additions, under the wing of the richest publisher in the person of EA. And against the backdrop of kutsi crooked bumps of the current multi -billion dollar AAA companies with a state of thousands of gifts (including the mentioned EA with the scurrying biovars), the game is completely favorably distinguished by complete and high -quality filling, although it does not reach the visual.

So do not rush to drive the guys, they really try, and this is visible – yes, they have to cut the corners, but, again, at least this was done not to the detriment of the main gameplay. Examples that the young studio went out and began to water AAA hits on the move – you can count on the fingers of one hand, and all the current giants also often started with budget crafts, stuffing their hand and earning a reputation, and few of them still do something suitable.

Nevertheless, it can already be considered unambiguous wine for fans of the fortieth thousandth, because it is the only party RPG in the setting, and by the standards of the sunshine quite worthy. This is somewhat reminiscent of the situation with recent games in the terminator and Robocop – they are far from perfect, but for fan fans this is just a holiday, because these are quite competent games respecting the original source.