Diablo 4 was subjected to roar-bombing after patch 1.1.0 that the players did not like

Although Blizzard Entertainment has reasons to rejoice at the incredible achievements of Diablo 4, the company could not imagine the worst eve of the beginning of the first season of the game.

Due to the debut of the first season of content, the developers have recently released update 1.1.0 for Diablo 4, but this caused the anger of many players. According to the community, the changes made reduced the force of class attacks, made progress more disappointing and complicated some specific actions in Endheim. Note, for example, an increase in the number of coals necessary to open chests during hellish tide, and a decrease in experience prescribed in high -level activities.

Blizzard Entertainment, clearly confident in what she did, appointed on Friday, July 21, an explanatory event, during which he will express his point of view on the changes made. A certain part of the players, instead of patiently waiting for the explanations of the developer team, began to protest in the most loud and random way, that is, falling asleep Diablo 4 with negative reviews on Metacritic. A recent stream of zeros reduced the average user rating to 3.2 on PS5 and 3.5 on a PC, which greatly contradicts the much higher Metascore indicators, which on two platforms make up 88 and 86, respectively.

Well, the patch was true. I was so weak. And right now they demolish me like a sheet in the wind. Yesterday I climbed onto the Vorld Boss, we cleaned the boss from one. By the way, I used to die a maximum of 1 time

Yes, the patch is nasty – a fact. Especially hardcores are probably in shock.

I play for Sork (with ice fragments) – 60lvl, at 3 level. Previously, you crash into the crowd of mobs, I went on with an icy ring. And right now 50 to 50. Perhaps you will die right away. While swaying to 60 – nirazu has not died. There are already 3 deaths for yesterday evening .

I went to the 4th level in the dungeon 21. I went out short. Kill right away, also snort 72 lvl

xs, went to the Arc Lash Bilda 91 magicians in 43 dungehog, almost unchanged, well, at 1 target if you beat yes.. less damage. Ranging goals both delivered a lot of unpleasant damage and deliver.

Iceshard Sorka with full weight and attributes, used to go to 70+ on Izi and now barely 61+ dragged

horns 70 at the 3rd level, I go to the nightmares of the dungeons 20 at all I see the difference after the patch.

So this is Blizard.who remembers in Wow when they strengthened which dragon they could not kill him for two days there already people already began to fall unconscious alone.For a long time it was in a lich

I remember that very time with the dragon ! Then the scandal was terrible even tried to sue them

It seems not with the dragon was the case, but with the rib, died like flies on it. He turned out to be indestructible.
But, according to the stories, the old -timer, Ktun was the most imob boss, until it was nervous. This is the one in the ankihija. To nerf, no one could kill him.

When the season on Twich begins 300-400K spectators at the D4, and the streamers who hay patch will sit 24-48 time marathons in anticipation.

I didn’t even get a hero up to 100. I just stopped going and that’s it. Patchi Kala (ala sing) who only worsen the life of players

brought Bobi a cat on a yacht and threw? Ehhhh, everything will be fine, hundreds of Uber Bilds will be collected with a glass of damage due to bugs, the main thing is to follow the Western Streamers =)

Reminds how our officials after the next cring say that they were not so understood.

It is good when there is a resource that is provided to psychological assistance to players, where they can cry and feel significant.

A certain part of the players, instead of patiently waiting for the explanations of the developer team, began to protest in the most loud and random way, that is, falling asleep Diablo 4 with negative reviews on Metacritic

This struggle will certainly show nearby! After all, what could be worse than a roar of bombing) All companies are shuddering when hundreds of people come to Mesritik to express their dissatisfaction

You can ironize further and put brackets, but the worse the grades, the less money is earning companies. It is a fact. It makes no sense to argue. Therefore, yes, they shudder and record a video with an apology and release hot-fixes every other day, and not after weeks and months.

And what is this fact confirmed? When these estimates on metacritics influenced sales? It makes no sense to argue here, because the reasons for the dispute are zero. The fact that the devil has already earned under Lyard bucks this and so it is clear. So what this rhinet bombing right now hurt the game? The reviews on the forum are much more productive. after them, for example, they fixed various shortcomings at the Beta stage, based on reviews. And after this, the patch will clearly be changes, because yes, the patch is shitty, but for some reason I have no desire to run and sculpt zeros on a methasric, because a sane understands that this is a path to nowhere)

The game has already bought the game, the most meaning in the roar of bombing after the purchase is zero.

Here the question is a little different. The game needs to be maintained in the plans, seasons there are patches all things, the main source of income of the further BP and shop. And here with the departure of people is typo and the market is reduced, of course, there are then patches, buffs and all the affairs and growth of the audience back. But far from a fact + fresh blood is less. In general, the game definitely begins to sell himself and the services inside it are worse due to assessments, but this is 2-5% maximum in my subjective opinion.
Regarding the general impact from reviews and assessments.. If you exaggerate, then people are divided into 2 camps, those who buy products based on assessments and for a long study relying on the opinion of others (and not always by the way of component people) t.To Vasya Pupkin, it will definitely know you will have fun or not.
Others, in principle, do not read reviews and assessments of t.To. They are not interested in the opinion of sofa analysts and they themselves are able to decide to like them or not on the basis of any of their factors.
In practice, a society prevails, which chooses something average, when you, in principle, decide for yourself, but if you find it difficult to draw conclusions, you accept grades and criticism for information. At least I have my friends.
P.S according to this scheme, we reviewed a bunch of cool films for example, there was a moment when you come in. See the assessment of the movie 2.5 out of 10 and scroll through. tried to see. rarely, but there was a straight excellent movie, just there IQ needed a little more than raisins to watch it..

The cost of shares greatly depends on the image of the company. The shares are an integral part of capitalization if the shares of the board of directors collapse. Big money, such that we will never even dream of), according to the Revoy, the bombing can have an influence, although not as big as we would like for Methacrites for a long time practitioners "protection" From such actions of communities.

And when buying an unfinished game, there should have been other consequences? You bought a beta test, so you test now. How many times did I start playing games from the beta and always the like

What other beta test? The full game came out

On paper? Yes. And judging by the news and updates there is no

Because editing "Balance" will always be in all online games. The ATPLE is soon 20 years old, and there is still a non -bafayat classes from patch to patch. And so the game works well not sorties of no drawdown and there are not even problems with servers.

In one other game, new characters are introduced, they are obviously stronger than the rest so that the combat pass with them is well sold. And then, after a while "Correct". It is written on paper "correction", and in fact this is a divorce for money.
So not everything in this life is definitely.

Here we are talking about patches of balance. But yes, usually as a new character, it is so obviously tastier than the old ones. I’m playing Genshin, soon a new region there is any new 5* unrealistically cool in its chip, then it will be resolved within a year. Necromancer in D3 at the start with DLS, he was an unrealistic imba and the current season with him is the same. And what about D4, then the game just came out, these patches will be frequent guests, the previous patch gave all the tasty candy strengthening all the classes, and then it took it. It is sad

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