Designer Devil May Cry considers Final Fantasy 16 his personal masterpiece

The director of the Final Fantasy 16 Reta Suzuki, the Director of the Fantasy 16 considered his own "personal masterpiece".

A veteran developer who previously worked at Capcom on Devil May Cry 5, Dragon’s Dogma and Monster Hunter, said during a recent live broadcast that the team "Paid paramount attention to the development of the combat system of this game in order to attract those who have not previously played or poorly versed in action games".

In conclusion, he said: "I hope that those who have never played at action games can go and try the Final Fantasy 16. I hope this game will give you a chance to experience all the charm of action game".

Final Fantasy 16 will be released on PlayStation 5 June 22.

However, on the eve of the official release, some copies of Final Fantasy 16 fell into the hands of the public. The publisher of Square Enix said that he was following pre -relief publications, and asked the fans not to disclose the plot of the game if they receive it ahead of time.

Let it make a remake on DMC 4.

Why not 3? I also like more than the 4th part, but many consider the cult precisely 3

And because the HD publication for 1.2.3 parts came out

Laughter. Release on a PC, then let’s go)) and not on your pine

Keep silent, wait for the turn on a torrent after two years

I have a PS5, I played in a demo, the graphon is like this to myself, plus fierce subsidence in the FPS at the end of the demo (played on quality) from 30fps fell to 13-15 in the feeling. So I think the PC version will be both in the schedule better and according to FPS – naturally on powerful machines.

The battleship of the 16th ending is really masterpiece. There is something to be proud of here.

You also say that the original fighter ff7 shit

Original FFVII in itself crap, any 2D is better than this 3D. Thanks to those who made true FFVII.

I don’t remember that I asked the children like you

On pg freedom of speech. Judging by grammar, this term does not suit me.

I don’t understand one thing why some slasher is called finalfantasy and even a license plate (

And you were not embarrassed when the FF was called MMO and Diablloons? that this unfortunate series just did not survive.

The fighting is really top -end, played awesome

Side -made, let’s see, but empty locations and destruction only in closed locations are still strained.

That’s it "personal"– We are waiting for the fashion editor with the ability to use: new geometry, displaced vectors, in general, everything that was available in Final Fantasy 15.

One mortgage praised another Iponian – also to me, news.

Dogma was the first to be simple in battles, and some movements were copied from DMK, Hunter generally on an amateur, DMK 5 half of the asses of previous parts. And what he did there then?))) A completely different thing when Ninja Theory in the DMC remake made their own gorgeous baton, adopting a minimum from the original.

That’s because of these aspects, therefore, their DMC failed, there is no need to come up with a bicycle when they are not asked.

And what is the gorgeiousness of the DMC fighting from Ninja Theory? It is inspired by the bouncer system (Air Juggle), attracting with the hand (Nero, DMC 4), as well as most animations simply take from DMC 3. The fighting at the Monster Hunter World was generally brought to a high level, given that the main animations and collision of weapons with monsters were brought up on PSP and was simply finalized for years. The Dragon’s Dogma battleship is absolutely not like DMC, since most opponents from the first are large. If the DMC is dominated by a spatial fight (air, earth, close, far), then Dogma is inspired by Shadow of the Collosus.
I went through the DMC rebot at one time, and all parts of the original except the second. I can say why people may not like Rebut:
1. Associative series. In the rebut, the characters are quite flat and inconspicuous. Namely, this is the cornerstone of the series: a stylish hunter for demons kills all evil spirits for what? For the rank, oddly enough, style. That is, the same Dante or Virgil – the most charismatic guys. One jokes, the other is an impenetrable samurai with steel eggs. What I remembered from the DMC rebut? -Fuck You!. -No, fuck you! Personally did not feel cool hunters for demons in the rebut. But this is subjective.
2. The fighting of Rebut, although he tries to be original, but she does not succeed. Animations are often lower than quality by an order of magnitude (torn and slow) than in DMC 4, for example. High combo potential, but too light and not very satisfactory, his player’s implementation due to simplification is a mechanic.

Indeed, mechanics to beat red enemies only by red weapons, and only blue weapons on blue enemies are the peak of a rebut fighting. DONTE FTW!

But I went to the rebot. Despite the fact that I love the old parts and every year I refer to the DMC, Re, SH, MGS series.

Dante from the troika and the Ceter looks rather cringe. Location design is so -so. And this is the main problem of the games of the series.

Either a dull gray tower, dull streets, or running around the same locations. For some reason, backing is annoying much more than in Re, SH. Yes, even in the first DMC, it was much more interesting to roam the atmospheric castle. In general, I was hoping that the game would remain a mixture of a gloomy bloody detective, carving and slasher, but the inconspes went to the other way. It’s a pity.

What was the restart won this in the design and variety of locations. Each level is something new.

The five waited most of all and most fucked up with the fact that half of the game Running on a plain cloak. Auga Kapkom. 2023 In the yard you can already make large interesting levels. In general, the four came out of the poppy like RE5, 6.

P. S. The funny thing is what I was looking for I suddenly found in the ONIMUSH series. Pure carving about demons with riddles and chopping. This is what I was waiting for from the DMC series. Everything’s there. Scope, diversity. Even Jean Renault, but damn all the same atmosphere and the plot of Devil May Cry I like more than pure Japanese onimushi.