Creators of Postal: “Better torrent than sites with games keys”

The game industry has no shortage of topics that cause disputes and a violent reaction not only among gamers, but also among production teams. Games development is a business that, first of all, should be profitable for publishers and studios, meanwhile, the question of companies selling keys to the games is returned as a boomerang. The Running With Scissors team solved this problem – the developers prefer that players get access to their illegal sources, and not support G2A or Kinguin.

Officially, Running with Scissors was founded in 1997, but the first game of the studio, under a different name, is Spy VS. SPY (1988). However, I must say that the most popular series of the team is Postal. The creators for years have developed a contradictory universe, which lived up to two parts in 2022.

Previously, Running with Scissors has already shared its opinion regarding video games piracy. And yesterday, the studio published on Twitter an image with a strong message – the developers are more convenient for players to pirated their products, than to support companies enriching on the keys.

Running with Scissors calls for players to buy games on platforms such as Steam and GOG, while emphasizing that G2A, Kinguin and Eneba should be avoided.

Sites for the resale of keys are harmful to such indie developers as we. There are many ways to get our games, and we still prefer piracy, not a purchase on these sites.

Illegally received keys – a source of money for scammers, and in some cases it can affect you as a buyer.

This news caused a stormy discussion: many lovers of video games thanked the developers for information, others expressed a slightly different opinion, and at the same time, some observers asked the question of sets created at least within the framework of Humble Bundle. The authors of Postal explained that the company offers legal access to Titles.