And here is the same your fan in Starfield, which you already want to hit

One of the many features available to Starfield players will be called "Worship of the hero". "You deserve attention "An annoying fan", which will appear randomly and constantly make you make you", – It is said in the description of the features. "Of the pluses – he will give you gifts. " Sounds familiar?

A fan is the Bosmer NPC in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, which practically idolizes the player for becoming the great champion of the Arena. You can take it to your partners, if you want, he will offer you to bear the weapon, clean your boots or even make you massage of the back, but you most likely do not want to do this because it is incredibly annoying.

He is also incredibly weak and useless in battle, but this is not scary, because he is also immortal: if he perishes in battle (and he will die), he will return to life in a few days to continue his annoying actions.

The fact that the fan will be in Starfield became known last year, but only at today’s Starfield Direct did we get a real view of it. And he is very similar to his predecessor. Yes, the face may not be as bastard as in Oblivion, but the brick clearly asks.

But the matter is not only in physical similarity: like his colleague from Elder Scrolls, the Starfield fan brings worship the hero at a completely new level of annoyance. Here it is at the 15th minute:

Yes, he is not just annoying, he is also a little creepy.

However, this fan can be a little more practical than in Oblivion, depending on the nature of its "Gifts", And if you are not interested, you can just miss this line. The features are optional and, as in Fallout, have both positive and negative effects – in general, this is more likely "Taste" The aspect of creating a character than the main element, so you can take them or not, depending on how much you want to accept certain oddities.